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Hi there at a bit of stand still...


Active member
Hi there,
I have been recently looking at the family history and am specifically into my great great grandmother I have managed to find her on the UK 1901 census living in Halifax with her husband, daughter aged 10 and daughter aged 2mths.
Now I have also managed to find that she was born St Johns Newfoundland approx 1974 and her eldest daughter (my great grandmother) was born Boston USA 1891...the husband has an army record dated 1888 when he was 18yrs old with the Halifax West Riding regiment..
So basically I am stuck wondering if he is definately my great grandmothers father and/or how did he meet my great great grandmother where did they get married etc...
Because I have Canada USA and Halifax Englad all thrown into the mix :eek: so where do I go from here...

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