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Hi there at a bit of stand still...

Hi there,
I have been recently looking at the family history and am specifically into my great great grandmother I have managed to find her on the UK 1901 census living in Halifax with her husband, daughter aged 10 and daughter aged 2mths.
Now I have also managed to find that she was born St Johns Newfoundland approx 1974 and her eldest daughter (my great grandmother) was born Boston USA 1891...the husband has an army record dated 1888 when he was 18yrs old with the Halifax West Riding regiment..
So basically I am stuck wondering if he is definately my great grandmothers father and/or how did he meet my great great grandmother where did they get married etc...
Because I have Canada USA and Halifax Englad all thrown into the mix :eek: so where do I go from here...
So great great grandmother is Lucy Briggs born st Johns Newfoundland approx 1874 and the husband being John Briggs born Pudsey Halifax approx 1867..then the 10yr old Boston born daughter is listed as Theresa Briggs and the 2mth old is Doris Briggs born in Yorkshire... I find a record later on the 1911 census that John is now living with Katherine Briggs from Liverpool and I assume her son also born Liverpool (as he is older than Doris)..Doris is also listed and a few younger boys all Briggs..so this point Lucy has dissapeared and I find Theresa in Liverpool as a lodger calling herself Theresa Raymond (not sure where the Raymond comes from) and then has a son Arthur Raymond at the Brownlowhill workhouse and everything else is easy from there trace wise... so if I was guessing with caution...Theresa isn't Johns Biological daughter and when him and Lucy are seperated she leaves? So ultimately I would like to chase back through Lucy's line but I don't find a marriage record to Briggs and can't find any travel with Lucy/John/Theresa in any sort of mix...plus I dont have Lucy's maiden name. I do however find a record for John with the army 1885 as an 18 year old and hear that the regiments were either at Aden or Halifax Nova Scotia Canada... gosh thats a lot of info to get my head round :eek:
Found this,
Theresa Briggs
Birth Year: abt 1892
Age: 21
Marriage Date: 21 Oct 1913
Parish: Liverpool, St Peter
Spouse's Name: Teng Fook
Father's name: John Thomas Briggs
Spouse Father's Name: Teng Hin Fook
Reference Number: 283 PET/3/126

Teng Fook is an interpreter and John Thomas the father is a bookmaker which agrees with the 1901 census.

this could be an interesting family!
L E Briggs
Birth Date: abt 1876
Age: 36
Port of Departure: St John, New Brunswick, Canada
Arrival Date: 22 Dec 1912
Port of Arrival: Liverpool, England
Ship Name: Grampian
Just putting down what i am finding, we can make sense of it later (I hope)
Lucy Briggs
Gender: Female
Departure Date: 12 May 1911
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Destination Port: Quebec, Canada
Ship Name: Victorian
The 1911 census has John and Katherine only being married for a year with one child so perhaps all the other children are Lucy's? Can you trace James who is 13 in the 1911 in the 1901?

Thank you for looking.. yes Theresa had her baby Arthur Raymond when she was 21ish in Liverpool Brownlowhill workhouse his father was Chinese the story on this though is a bit fuzzy...basically she was with a chinese gentlemen who ran a laundry in Liverpool from May 2011 and it was in the newspapers that she was in some trouble over it something to do with a woman had arranged this meet up. She then has Arthur Raymond Feb 1912 under the name Theresa Raymond and then marries Teng Fook in Oct 1913(her maiden name is listed as Briggs though and not Raymond), (so either his father was Teng fook or Chung lee the laundry owner) she then marries aJapanese gentleman Kuichi Harada who dies in around 1943 Arthur Raymond takes on the Harada surname from then on he marries a few times and has x amount of children but is settled with my mums (who has 2 brother and 1 sister) mum (my nana). Theresa is buried alongside both her husbands Teng and Kuichi. My grandad Arthur Raymond Harada died when i was just 18mths old 1983... so much information isnt there...my family seems amazing!
I have no idea why Theresa took on the name Raymond...no idea of Lucy's true maiden name but I hear her heritage is possibly canadian/Indian...
I find the property thatis now in Everton that has...
John thomas briggs 45
Katherine 29 liverpool born
James 13 liverpool born
Doris 11 halifax born
John 8 halifax born
Stanley 5 liverpool born
Robert mths liverpool born
There is a possibility that John is in Liverpool in the 1939 electoral roll with wife Grace and daughter Lucy. Salesman/able bodies seaman SS Tekoa born 1903
Best thing is to send for Doris' birth certificate which will give you Lucy's maiden name and we can take it from there. Lucy could have been Raymond or her married name previously Raymond?
Doris Briggs
Registration Year: 1901
Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar
Registration district: Halifax
Parishes for this Registration District: View Ecclesiastical Parishes associated with this Registration District
Inferred County: Yorkshire West Riding
Volume: 9a
Page: 396
Oh my.... I did just find a record of Licy Briggs born 1876 died aged 33 1909 in west derby this has to be her

If i order the death cert? What if I order Doris and Johns cert will it have Lucy on it maiden name and all?
The birth certificate for Doris would be the best one to get. We are not absolutely sure about John. And we can go from there. Briggs is a common name so unless you know she went to West Derby, the death might be someone else.

I will keep looking though.

I will order Doris cert...
I think it has to be the Lucy in Everton death 1909 there are only 4 records and this one states the birth as 1876 which works to be about the right age...plus with the rest of the family in Everton too and 1911 John is remarried to Katherine...I will update with the Doris cert...so exciting :eek: