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Hi there at a bit of stand still...

So after a bit of a wait...the death certificate I ordered arrived, its very strange because it says Lucy Deborah Briggs 11th oct 1909 11mths cause of death debility from birth exhaustion and John Briggs is the father... whats going on here? Is it possible Lucy has died having a baby called Lucy?
that does sound strange,is the death certificate for the baby dying at 11 months or the mother dying from the birth. Can you scan it and send?

Hi yes
Sorry for the delay crazy easter weekend!

Yes Liverpool reg office have sent me the baby but I was very specific about which one I was after someone is going to ring me back about it I believe. What is strange though is it says baby was 11mths and died of debility at birth exhaustion. I say strange because it makes me wonder how mummy died...maybe the childbirth etc hmmmm