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Hi my name is Molly and I am relatively new to family history.
I have been researching both sides of my family tree and have had a lot of success with my fathers side of the family.
My problem is my mothers side as most of the relatives she can remember were all born after the 1901 census.
Grandad whose name was Frederick Radbourne was born in Thatchum Newbury in 1909.
His fathers name was william.
Great grand father was Charles Cox and he lived in Yeovil somerset and died around 1925 or 26.
So with only this amount of info i am struggling quite a bit.
Any help or pointers in right direction would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Molly welcome to the FHUK forum,
you will find all our members very friendly and helpful here.
All you need to do is post your questions on the apropriate forum along with any relevant information that you do have in your possession and our members will help you wherever they can. We all wish you success in finding your ancestoral past and we hope you enjoy the FHUK forums :)
Best regards StericoO0 helpusall
welcome wELCOME TO SITE,you will like it here great people great info and data.great friends always ready to help in any way they can ..you;ll enjoy being here ..:biggrin:
i found so many walls came tumbling down with the info provided after any question ..cheers Lynne
Hi Molly,

Since your grandfather was born after the last census, do you know any of Williams brothers or sisters names, I have found one Charles F cox abt 1839, with a son william F cox abt 1869, but without some abt or more siblings this could be way off. Also do you know where they are buried? you maybe able to get some information there. If you ask everyone will try to help you all they can. Good Searchingwelcome
Thank you Have been in touch with an aunt and she is going to look through the papers she has. Our problem is that nan never wanted to talk a lot about her family before she died as her mum died very young and she was brought up in a childrens home.