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Hidden Gems of Wiltshire.


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swindon wilts

Hi folks,as a church lover there is just a few of Wiltshire's finest Parish Churches.
I live in Stratton St Margaret and my son was married at this church and his children...twins were christained there.
I was actually baptised a couple of years ago in St Micheal's in Highworth,not far from Swindon.
My favourite locally is Inglesham church....not used now but still consecrated and kept in fine condition by the churches trust.
William Morris(you can google him on wiki?)was a big player in the 18/19th century in preserving this small 11th century piece of heritage and indeed many places around this area owe a lot to his work...he is buried at Kelmscott ..a small village on the Thames about 5 miles from Swindon.
Inside Inglesham they stripped of whitewash to reveal bright medieval paintings on the stone walls...this has been left.
It is incredible to think this is just a small sample of Wiltshire churches and countrywide we are blessed with similar buildings of wonderment to me.
Not a greatly religious man in my times of trouble i have saught sanctuary in these places of calm peacefull tranquility and reflected on my life..........it has helped me no end to realise i am indeed a lucky person with what family and friends i now have around me.
As a sidenote Inglesham is just a small village built on the Thames....the Thames here is in its infantsy but still a sight to behold...now not a place of great importance it was once a big player in Wiltshire no doubt when the Thames was more important in commercial terms than it is today.
For me Wiltshire is a very under rated county,probably due to the fact there is no sea and no rugged landscape.....Stonehenge gets the limelight worldwide but the fact is there is so much to see in Wiltshire...i consider myself very lucky to be able to see these fine churches and much more besides.

Regards to you all....Lee.
It can be nice and peaceful in a church Lee.
"Wiltshire is a very under rated county,probably due to the fact there is no sea and no rugged landscape"
makes it ideal for me. I can get seasick on the Woolwich Ferry! Anyone in Wiltshire want to swap house with me in Kent! :D

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