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Marriage 17 Mar 1887/B11313 Sarginson Isaac - Noble Sarah Jane


Death 14816/1898 SARGINSON HILDA M - ISAAC - SARAH J - MUDGEE * 12 Nov

Not sure if this helps, Dave..

Qld. BMD down at mo...

Mary Antoinette Sarginson
Birth Date: 11 May 1889
Registration Year: 1889
Place: Queensland
Parents= Isaac Sarginson & Sarah Jane Noble
Page Number: 13127
Registration Number: B043748

Hugh Sarginson
Birth Date: 1891
Registration Year: 1891
Place: Granville, New South Wales
Parents = Isaac Sarginson & Sarah J
Registration Number: 15014

The family look to be in NZ in 1898..

1909/7585 Sarginson Hugo Linwood Kirk
1905/5778 Sarginson Clyde Noble
1902/3460 Sarginson Maud Rahui
1898/1813 Sarginson Hilda Marolie
All have these parents, Sarah Jane & Isaac

Thanks Goeff.

Born NZ 1898 and died Mudgee 1898 ???

2x ?? - the one in NZ born after 12 Nov 1898 ?

Can't see a marriage or death in NZ.

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He could be the one that was a member of clergy.. The Telegraph – Thu 7 Feb 1889

http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/185517314?searchTerm=isaac sarginson&searchLimits=

Qld Times Tue 23 June 1903 has an article - The Rev. Isaac Sarginson, of Linwood, New Zealand, spoke on " Loyalty to the Church." He took a great deal of pains to define loyalty, and emphasised that they should, be loyal to the Church from a sense of What they owed etc etc…

1954/26227 Sarginson Sarah Jane 89Y NZ

1941/21304 Sarginson Isaac 79Y NZ – Press Vol LXXV11 Issue 23510 22 April 1941 SARGINSON – On April 21 at his residence 48 Bordesley street Linwood, The Rev Isaac Sarginson dearly loved husband of Sarah Jane Sarginson aged 79 years. No Flowers.

Press Vol LXX111 Issue 22043 17 March 1973 on Papers past
GOLDEN WEDDING - SARGINSON – NOBLE On March 17 1887 in the Albert Street Wesleyan- Methodist Church Bribane by the Rev E J Rodd, The Rev Isaac Sarginson to Jane fifth daughter of Mr and Mrs Noble of Stanthorpe Qld.
Thanks Val.

Yes, that's the one. Stanthorpe, Qld. to Mudgee/Orange, NSW to NZ.

I don't see how Hilda could have been born in NZ and then died in Mudgee. But I can't see a birth in NSW or a marriage and death in NZ for a second daughter named Hilda.

Birth 27740/1893 SARGINSON ERIC C - ISAAC SARAH J - ORANGE * 28 Apr 1893

School Records (APWs) - Parent/Guardian
School: Christchurch East
Register Number: 1737
Admission Date: 28 Oct 1901
Parent / Guardian: Isaac SARGINSON
Address: Buccleugh St
Birthdate: 28 Apr 1893
Last School: Phillipstown St
Last Day: 23 Jul 1906
Destination: West ChCh D H

School Records (APWs) - Parent/Guardian
School:Christchurch East
Register Number:1274
Admission Date:14 Oct 1907
Parent / Guardian: Rev I SARGINSON
Address:Canal Reserve
Birthdate:17 Dec 1901
Last Day: 21 Apr 1908
Destination: N Linwood

NZ Gazette Entries
Name: SARGINSON Isaac Rev
Date: 1896
Occupation: Officiating Minister
Source: NZ Gazette 1896
Page: 108
Record Type: Officiating Minister
Further enquiries to NZSG Family Research Centre or Main Centre Libraries

Clearly in NZ by that date and probably arrived 1893.
There are at least 2x Isaac Sarginson in NZ around that time..

NZ E/R 1896
Isaac Sarginson
District: Christchurch
Region or Province: Canterbury
[Minister of religion. With a Sarah Jane. Wilson Road]

NZ E/R 1896
Isaac Sarginson
District: Clutha
Region or Province: Otago
[Farmer. With a Jonathon. Toiro, freehold]


EDIT: He is found in other E/R's around that time..
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Looks as though he is travelling back/forth from NZ to NSW...

Reverend Sarginson
Departure: Wellington
Arrival: Sydney, New South Wales
Voyage Arrival Date: 3 Jun 1903
Vessel Name: Warrimoo
[Image confirms, Rev, Sarginson]

May be something to do with the article Val found in post #5.

Thanks Geoff.

I guess we won't find the date Sarah Jane arrived in NZ.

Between July and Nov 1898 and back in Mudgee not just Sydney. Does not make sense. Rev had no connection with Wesleyan Circuit in Mudgee around that time having resigned years earlier.

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Assuming Hilda d. 1898 Mudgee, Maitland is far enough away from Mudgee, but still in similar area :rolleyes:

Point also is Sarah Jane with him and Hilda? Unlikely he'll be travelling to NSW from NZ just with Hilda :rolleyes:

Hilda doesn't appear to buried in any of the Mudgee cemeteries..

Thanks Geoff.

1893 was a rough guess for arrival in NZ. I didn't have that arrival in Sydney in 1893.

I can't connect the Sarginsons in Maitland/Gretna and Muswellbrook.

Ok, next question, is Mudgee an error if no burial there.

I have until midnight to finish this one. :biggrin: 9 hours.

Isaac arrived in Australia 1881 - 1884 ???

The Brisbane Courier (Qld.) - Sat 9 Feb 1884 p.6
The Wesleyan Conference last night made the final appointments of ministers and probationers for 1884 in the Queensland District:
Maryborough, Frank Duesbury
Stanthorpe, Isaac Sarginson ...
sort of a time line that I can find on Trove...
7 Feb 1889 - Rev Isaac Sarginson of Rockly Qld resigning his position as minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church

19 Feb 1890 SMH has - Rev Isaac Sarginson of Rookwood also wrote stating he was in sympathy with the movement …

2 Jan 1892 intimated his intention to retire

23 Sept 1893 - Isaac is to go to Linwood NZ for a month in Oct

2nd Dec 1893 – Rev Isaac Sarginson of Orange has received a unanimous call to the pastural of the Congregational Church at Linwood Christchurch NZ
Thanks Val.

1896 E/R Christchurch has both of them. Assuming the death in Mudgee is correct then Isaac, Sarah and Hilda arrived in NSW between July and Nov 1898. Eric would have been 5 and the other two children a few years older.

2 Children b NSW

SARGINSON ERIC C 27740/1893 ISAAC - SARAH J – ORANGE – NZ Nominal Rolls 1915, married 9 Aug 1917 Ardwick St Matthews Lancs to Selina Murfitt (cert on Anc..) died in UK


1898/2198 Sarginson Hugh Edmund 6Y died NZ

now poses question if Hugh died in NZ in April-May June 1898 - must have been early in year- and Hilda was born there that year for Hilda to die in Mudgee in same year..

Cemetery Record for Canterbury North has died 22 April 1898 age 6 buried with Isaac, S J Sargison wife of Isaac and a Patricia Jean Webb
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