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Hilda Violet Stevens b.29 Dec 1888, Meadle, Monks Risborough, Bucks.


Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
I need a bit of help here, please.:)

She married William Charles Couppleditch on the 29 May 1915 • Holy Trinity, Southall, Ealing., England. He dies in 1924.

Cedric William Charles Couppleditch, was born 9 July 1920, Brentford, Middlesex, England.
Druscilla Lucy Maud Couppleditch, was born 25 July 1921 • Brentford, Middlesex, England.

She remarries William Joseph Ordway in 1828 in Brentford, Middx.

Hilda Violet appears in the London, England, Electoral Registers, in 1922, 1924 and 1926 in the precinct of Norwood, Uxbridge, Hillingdon. With and without W.C. Couppleditch. Also with William Joseph Ordway in later Electoral Registers, including 1939.

But, I cannot find them in the 1921 Census at all. Although there are other Couppleditch/Cuppleditch family members to be found in 1921.

There are two letters that have been sent to the Infantry Records Office in London in 1918, asking for information about William Charles Couppleditch injuries, and the clearing station in France.
Home address of Hilda Violet was given as Square Orchard, Meadle,(Monks Risborough) near Princes Risborough, Bucks.

1). Can anyone locate them in the 1921 Census.
2). Can anyone find a reference of Square Orchard in Meadle. ( There is an Orchard View farm, just down the road from Little Meadle, and Meadle, in todays map).

I have all other information thanks.

No luck, Steve.

The approximately 100 yard square orchard has wild flowers and jams are produced from the fruit and sold.
Having no joy at all with the 1921 Census. They may well be in there just not in the Index. Having said that I have found that the Index leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately I cannot find another way to search, other than using the Index.
Having no joy at all with the 1921 Census. They may well be in there just not in the Index. Having said that I have found that the Index leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately I cannot find another way to search, other than using the Index.

Thanks for looking MLT.(y)

I've ordered a PDF of William Charles Couppleditch death cert, but I doubt will give any other clues for the 1921 census.
I've even tried first names only, but there were thousands. Oh well, never mind.

I have tried to find any of their neighbours on the 1921 census but none of them found - very suspicious!
I would have thought if they are on the 1922 electoral roll then they should be there in 1921!
I doubt this would have made much difference to the 1921 Census.?!

'Black Friday, in British labour history, refers to 15 April 1921, when the leaders of transport and rail unions announced a decision not to call for strike action in support of the miners. The epithet 'black' derives from a widespread feeling amongst labour radicals that the decision amounted to a breach of solidarity and a betrayal of the miners.

Black Friday caused the 1921 United Kingdom census, which had been planned for 24 April, to be pushed back to June'.

Doesn't really matter what date it was taken - ancestors are either on it or they are not. I suspect that quite a few who cannot be found are down to the index being very iffy. Until you can search by place or address and look at the originals, not much is likely to change.
Oh well, William Charles Couppleditch death cert was no help as expected. He dies in Charing Cross Hospital of General peritonitis, after a perforated appendix. The poor chap was only 31, and after serving in WW1, and being severely burn, and working up to his death. It seems his wife Hilda, had a very traumatic 8 years of married life.

I received this reply from FMP.......'Unlike in many previous censuses and the 1939 Register, if a house was vacant on the night of the 1921 Census, it sadly wasn't recorded at all'.

When whole blocks of consecutive house numbers are missing, I would think that was very strange, when they are apparently all living there in the Electoral registers, before and after. Did they all vanish on the night the 1921 census taken, and come back later on. There must have been one or two, or even more than that who were at home. I'll never know.

Houses may be missing because they were vacant, but people exist so where are William, Hilda and Cedric? Missing from the Index presumably.
I have checked several from the census for Western Road and found numbers 49, 51, 53, 59 and 77 present on the census all others I checked were not found.
Sounds to me that they did not get scanned etc!

It's a pity you cannot just input the street name and get results but alas it does not do that!:mad: