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Hints and Tips Forum

I recently put an item 'Village Ancestors' on the Beginners Forum' (wasn't quite sure where else to put it)
It prompted me to think,would it be useful to have a forum devoted to hints and tips?We all have different levels and areas of expertise and may encourage us to pass this information on to others.
Although this would be of particular benefit to those just starting on their searches,I'm sure we could learn a lot from each no matter how experienced.It may also encourage new members to join the site.
What do others think?
I will start by suggesting that you can search for extended family members by using ancestry with a search on just the surname and the place of birth. this will then show all the family members who originate from that community. The smaller the parish concerned the more likelihood that all those found on ancestry will be related. This is especially useful for male members of the family who marry away from their home village.

The searches on ancestry are quite poweful. If you have an unusual first name it is also possible to search by first name and location to trace a surname