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Historical Directories?

Under ice.....
Does anyone use them? or find them helpful?

I have been looking through some online, but find them very hit and miss to find what I am searching for, does anyone have any pointers or easier ways to search it?

thanks for reading

Hi Darkcrystal

I have had a lot of experience with historical directories. Were you looking on the historicaldirectories website at all?

My ancestor appears as a beer seller in an 1879 directory for London at Alvey Street, Walworth. Bear in mind that by the time of publication, they were slightly out of date. I think the info was collected in the summer of the previous year for publishing for the following year. So the info for the 1879 directory was probably compiled in mid 1878 for 1879.

I think the website has a search engine wher you can search by keywords such as "Oxford Street" etc.

Hi Ben,

just on a haunted break...lol.

yes it was HD site, I read the gumf on how to search it, but it was as clear as a puddle of mud! lol.

I spent ages looking thro page after page, and then still not being 100% certain I was doing it right.

why can't I just type in what I want to find and it be there? :eek: :p

I admit that the HD site is not very easy to navigate. What area are you interested in?

The Genealogist has a few directories but it is pay per view.

I have a possible rellie that was a greengrocer in derby, I just wondered if he was there.,

William Henry Lowe, I had a thread about him and his wife earlier... Isabella Lowe.