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New member
I've only started searching my family tree today and I'm very confused and lost. I've subscribed to ancestry.com but haven't had much luck. Neither of my parents know the birth dates of their parents, although I obviously have names and the names of my paternal great grandparents. I'm so happy I found this site, I now know I'm not the only one!!


Loyal Member
Hiya Brassy,
welcome to the FHUK forums and welcome to the addictive hobby of family research:) . We are all confused at some time in researching our family history so don't let that worry you, you are amongst friends;).
Start with yourself, then your parents, put all that information down first. Then move on to your grandparents, ask your parents for an approximate age then work backwards so you have an approximate birth date, then you can search on BMD and enter the birth year + or - 5 or 10 years and this should help you in finding the D. O. B. Another way of calculating is if your parents have the marriage cert for their parents as how old they were when they married will be on the cert. Failing that, calculate an approximate birth year and post it on the appropriate birth forum with as much information as you have and we will see if we can find out for you. You will find us all very friendly and helpful here on FHUK and we hope you enjoy our forums and your research into your family history. Best regards StericoO0


Active member
Hi Brassy and welcome to the club! This hobby is totally addictive and I warn you, once you start there is no going back!! But it is very rewarding - when you do manage to break down a brick wall the feeling is so satisfying :biggrin: Can I suggest that you pin your relatives down and interrogate them with a red hot poker?? No really, they will be surprised how much they do know when pressed! After ten years my aunt still drops little gems like my 'cousin Eira who is also doing her family tree - oh haven't I mentioned her before?'. Now I finde that Eira has the very marriage certificate of my gt grandparents I've been searching for! Anyway, sit back, belt up and have fun! :2fun: Penny
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