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HMS Shannon

My grandfather was William Robertson Guthrie....born abt 188 in Scotland (his fathers name James that comes from his marriage cert) .....i have placed his details on another thread somewhere on the boards......the info i need now concerns a ship he was working on during WW1 the photo i have of him in his naval uniform, is quite blurred due to the fact the original being fragile and my father having copies of it made and blown up before he died 11 years ago.....
I have managed to work out that the name of the ship was HMS Shannon......i have looked up deatils of the ship turns out it was some kind of armoured cruiser....one of three (the minotaur, the defence and the Shannon) it was commisioned in 1905 built and put into HMS service by 1908......the ship was sold for scrap in 1922.....i knew my grandad looked somewhere between 19 and 22 in the pic......so this would make it all fit being born in 1888.....
I found a fair bit out about the ship as u can see above......but what i also found out was it served at the Battle of Jutland.......drawn a blank with ancestry i have searched for naval records on him found nothing.....whilst their army records are fairly good the naval records dont seem to be......i know about the 'burnt' and 'un-burnt' records........did those burnt records include naval service records? or was it just army records that were burnt......when i visited TNA they werent that helpful they just shove u on a computer with ancestry and the like when wot u really need a to b shown and how to sort thru the real maccoy! despite asking i got no where coz they all seemed to be to busy
how do i find a list of crew members on the HMS Shannon??? or could someone do a look up for me plz? the ships list wasn't helpful either i know his service record will tell me when and what ships he served on but thats proving so difficult to find at least with more info i could try and get them at TNA to b more helpful or write to the navy asking them for info on him
have been stuck at a brick wall with my grandad for years im determined to get past him