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Holbeck, Yorkshire.


Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Hi All,
Does anyone know what Family History Society would cover Holbeck, Nr.Leeds, Yorkshire. Or where the parish records are kept.

Or is there someone on here who could have a peek at some time.

Hi Steve

I live in Leeds, if I can help with a look up get back to me


Hi Pat,

Thank you for your kind, and very welcome offer.

If it's not too much trouble, I would like to find a marriage of Joseph Crompton to a Harriett ??
Joseph Crompton was born c1801 and living in the Holbeck Ward in 1841. and was a Wool Cloth Weaver.
There is a possibility that he may have been born in Bradford as there is an IGI entry for a Joseph Crompton born July 4 1802, father James but no mother listed.

Harriett ?? was born c1804 at Gildersome, Yorkshire.

They had a son William who was born c1824 in Holbeck.

And also another son George who was born c1829 in Armley.

And a daughter Sarah Jane who was born c1842 in Holbeck.

Plus William Crompton (c1824) marriage please to Mary ?? born c1830 in 1851. I think it may be Mary Wood.

Any help would be most welcome.

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Its amazing how big the wool and cotton trade was in the northern counties and cities in those days.

Hi again Steve

Just had email from central library and they hold Parish records for Holbeck, so will go in and have a good search, hopefully, tomorrow; but if not it will be next week as I have my little Grandson on Fridays (don't think he'd be the best at sitting quietly for a couple of hours!!)

best wishes
Hi Steve


6th July, 1951, St Peters Church, Leeds (CE46/36/171)

William Crompton, Bachelor age 27, occ Tanner, Holbeck, Father Joseph Crompton, occ Clothier.
Mary Child, Spinster age 22yr, occ -, Holbeck, Father Isaac Child, occ Clothier.

witness's Thomas Woodward & Martha Best.
Baptism 1/7/1832

John son of Joseph (occ Clothier) & Harriet Crompton @ St Bartholomews, Armley.

looks like John was born between William & George. still to find their records & Sarah (according to staff some may have been 'miss' filed!).

have since checked the census records for 1851/61/71 and they all say Joseph was born in Holbeck, so will have a look for him on my next visit too.

Hope this helps!

best wishes Pat
Thank you so much Pat, what a wonderful person you are. A treasure.

I have the family in 1841 under the name of Crumpton, and John's age is listed as 13yrs on original census. So he is the youngest brother of William and George.

William and Mary's marriage is brilliant.:2fun:

What I really need is Joseph and Harriet's marriage. and I do hope you can find that if and when you get the time.

I'm not too bothered about the other children, as long as I have their names and basic details.
I'm sorry if I misled you, I listed the names for guidance only.

Thank you so much for taking the time for me. And I owe you a drink or two.:D

Hi Steve

you're very welcome

Will definately do my best to find Joseph & Harriets marriage, probably sometime next week as I need to do some 'lookups' for myself

Need to check Harriet, not sure if Gildersome comes under Leeds or Bradford - they changed the bounderies alot over the years!

by the way, mines a glass of red wine, or two, or three!

all the best

Hi again Setve

Just back from Library - hope this is the one, unfortunately not as much info on these enteries

think the curate Mr Clapham made a mistake & put an a instead of o, as the witness signature is definately an o!

Marriage: Parish Church of Leeds 15th October 1821

Joseph Crampton, no age or address, occ. Clothier
Harriet Stephenson " " Spinster

Witnessed by:

Peter Crompton & Jon Hemsworth/Himsworth

This was the only marriage for Crompton around 1820/24.


Hi Pat,

Thank you so much, you are an angel.:kissu: :kissu:

It looks like the marriage. I have a Peter Crompton(1796) living in Holbeck in 1841 and he could be a brother.

Joseph(clothier) was living in district 24, Holbeck.
Peter was living in district 12, Holbeck.

As it's the only marriage. Result I think.

Thanks a million, send your address(PM) and I'll get a bottle of something to you somehow.

After scratching through the 1841 census, looking for potential parents for Joseph Crompton's wife, Harriett Stephenson(1804), I came upon these entries in the same district/area as they are living.

1). Mary Stephenson(1766) in Holbeck. Leeds. district 21.

2). Matthew(1766) and Sarah(1776) Stephenson in Holbeck. Leeds. district 20.

3). Matthew(1771) and Sarah(1771) Stephenson in Holbeck. Leeds.district 20.

4). Sarah Stephenson(1786) in Holbeck. Leeds. district 20

I just hope Harriett's mother was Mary(1766).:rolleyes:

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