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HOLEHOUSE Wm. and Emma

Well that's interesting as Cooper seems to be the main occupation in the Knott family. John's elder brother Henry M Knott was a Cooper as well as their father.

Of course :) John's brother Henry is also missing off the 1861 Census but I have asked for extensive research on him before and exhausted all avenues. He changed his name to George Henry WILLIAMS around the "1861" time period but went back to KNOTT by 1881.

Thankyou again,
Thanks Julie,
I'm more interested in the earlier years when William was with Emma but appreciate your time trying to find him. Elusive lot.

As Dave has searched for Emma three years ea side of 1881 without success, it looks like she's remained anonymous or maybe went o/s for a period.
Would have been nice to know if she had any children.

Many thanks to everyone for your help in piecing at least some of this together for me - much appreciated, Sashar :)
I wonder if this is Emma in 1861 - she is the right age, living in Wet Derby, but birth given as Warwick. As she is a servant, her employer could have not know the exact place of her birth, and put a county which is in the area.

1861 - RG09-2715-34-14 - Emma Knott Serv 17 Warwick

employer - Percy and Emma Hewell, 3 Breck Rd, Everton

Thanks Dave,
That does seem promising especially when Emma married West Derby in 1867.

Any other Knott's with Warwick as their birthplace?

Just wondering?

Sashar :)