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Holiday Stories and Destinations.


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I have been to many countries all over the world and seen a lot of their culture. The first country I visited as a child was Wales then Ireland.

In August 1998 we went on a family holiday to Spain. I was 16 then.

March 1999 was the first time I visited America and this was a very eventful holiday. Me and my father went and we stayed in New York for 7 days. I fell ill with a stomach bug towards the end of the holiday. My father is not the greatest holiday organiser and he lost his credit card once and my mum had to telegram some money over to us from England. The hotels we stayed in were hardly the Ritz either. The first one was OK but the room had Arabic graffiti scrawled on the bed headboards. The carpet was nylon and we kept getting static electric shocks. When I fell ill with a stomach bug, I laid all day in a New York tenement style hotel room while by dad went gallivanting around Manhattan. I was 4000 miles from home. I was terribly homesick and we thought we were going home the following morning but dad looked at the ticket and we realised we still had another night in the USA. My heart sank. Dad tried to "bump" our flight but it was several hundred pounds and we were to land at Gatwick rather than Heathrow.

I went to Germany on a cruise ship in 2000 then to Spain in 2001. Me and my mum went to New York in March 2002, the 3rd anniversary of my first trip there. We stayed in a luxury hotel near the World Trade Centre site and on that trip, I didn't want to come home. I actually showed my mum the first hotel me and my dad stayed at 3 years before and the same hotel guard was standing in the foyer who me and my dad had spoke to 3 years before. He was the one who advised me and dad on our stay in New York.

We went on a family holiday to Thailand in November 2002. To be continued....

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