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Holloway family

Boston, Lincs
Can I be cheeky please,
can anyone look up a family on 1911 census.
A George Holloway and his wife Edith Florence, they should be living in marylebone. My problem is there is one Holloway family in nottinghill and one in marylebone. Edith holloway was born in Marylebone about 1891.
They may also have one or two sons with them another George and christopher. If its a problem not to worry.

sue :D
Hi everyone
There is a marriage for George Holloway to Edith Florence Brown
St Marylebone 4th qtr 1909.

Christopher A won't be in 19## census
he was born dec qtr 1912 Marylebone maiden Brown
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hi yes
I already have the marriage thanks i just wanted to know where they were in 1911. I have two holloway families both with a George in them and not very different ages.

Im just clutching at straws if i can see on census where George was born i can place him with one or tuther of the families.

thank you

Hi Sue
I can only find the same as ozn.
there is a George Charles born 1910 and a Daisy born 1907. Daisy is living with Aunt/uncle Annie/Alfred White.
These are the only Holloway's I can find in St Marylebone. If Edith was born 1891 she was only 18 when she married, and if Daisy is her child she would have been 16/17 at her birth

I'm not much good in 19 schweppes looking for names mistranscribed.
Could be Hollaway??
I've tried with first names, no luck, sorry

Ok thanks anyway everyone
maybe they were not living in marylebone then as they married in 1909 so should be on the 1911 census somewhere. Hey I am going to check the marriage cert and see what address is on it.

sue x
Hi Dave,
George holloway and Edith brown were both 18 when they married. I dont know about daisy but you know what families were like and edith could have been pregnant.
They had their eldest son George C Holloway in 1910 marylebone and obviously christopher 1912. The marriage cert gives 22 venable st marylebone, but this was where Edith parents were living in 1911.

They maybe the couple living at 4 Paradise Place St Marylebone. I'm trying to cross check them by 2 resources but this couple is only showing up on one of the resources. The household by the way is only showing 1 male and 1 female.
Hi Sue
No luck with address. I have tried every name,variation I can think of without any luck. With the births just before and after the census date makes you think they should be around Marylebone, but no.
Maybe the return was lost, or they didn't make one out

Hi Dave :)
I did as you did, tried outside counties too.
Nothing at all.
Perhaps they are there and their names has been mangled?
I tried too without surname with no luck.
It's a toughie. I don't have any Directories for this area.

just an update on this Holloway family
found them in 1912 0n a younger sons birth certificate, they are living at 22 huntsworth terr, christchurch marylebone. i cant understand why i couldnt find them in 1911.

sue x :)