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Horace Halke


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swindon wilts
Hi everyone....i recieved a lovely letter from my Auntie Betty with some nice clips of a relly of mine...Horace Halke.
He is the nephew of my Great grandad George Halke.
Frank Halke was the father of the man in the picture Horace.....a fair few Halks went down to celebrate near Woking with him....my nan Henrietta Halke was born in the area....many lived and died in the Woking/Walton area.
Not a common name....i thought it was German or something like that but it is in fact an ancient English name.
Sadly because i didn't really get to know my parents untill late in life many of my rellys get sent to me through the post....like Horace!
But my mums sister Betty is brilliant at keeping me in the picture....talking of which sorry about the quality aboveredf)

Horace lives in Byfleet these days..during the second world war he cycled 42 miles a day to work in munitions and was in the home Guard....lets not forget he was a young boy during WW1:eek:

I am thinking of trying to arrange a visit to Horace if i can.....in the meantime all i can say is Happy Birthday Horace.
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