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Horsforth institute

Hi Rose...a picture on the link below...seems it is hired out now for functions.


It was a mechanics institute....similar to the one in Swindon where i live and was almost certainly built for the railway workers in the local area,

Below is some links that maybe of interest.



All the best...Lee
A bit about Mechanics Institutes

Mechanics' Institutes were educational establishments formed to provide adult education, particularly in technical subjects, to working men. As such, they were often funded by local industrialists on the grounds that they would ultimately benefit from having more knowledgeable and skilled employees (such philanthropy was shown by, among others, Robert Stephenson, James Nasmyth, John Davis Barnett and Joseph Whitworth). The Mechanics' Institutes were used as 'libraries' for the adult working class, and provided them with an alternative pastime to gambling and drinking in pubs.