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How Bizarre


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Thought I'd share this. It's been quite a ride solving this puzzle. :D

How bizarre but how correct it would be.

William LEWTON married Ann LEAR on 8 August 1784 at Bitton. Son Aaron was baptised at Hanham on 24 April 1799 aged 15 years. Aaron married Ann HODGES as Aaron LEAR so he was using his mother's name suggesting he was actually born before his parents married. Hence the children called themselves LEAR when they were young and later in life reverted to LEWTON.

George was born about 1815 and his father Aaron LEAR married Ann HODGES on 9 May 1818. So George initially took the name HODGES. He married with that name and was listed in 1841 census with that name. He had changed to LEWTON by the 1851 census.

Elizabeth PEACOCK was born about 1815 and her parents Daniel PEACOCK and Ann WILMOT married on 10 Nov 1820. So Elizabeth took the name WILMOT.

When George married Elizabeth the marriage is HODGES + WILMOT.

George HODGES and Elizabeth WILMOT 6 Dec 1832 at Bitton.

Two generations on one side and one generation on the other. I'm not claiming any record. >:D :rolleyes: