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How long is it going to take ?

Hi All

When is the time travel on this site going to get fixed ? It must be 2 weeks since it started.

I for one , have had enough :mad::mad:

Anyone else find it irritating ?

Hi Maddie...got to be honest it really isnt an issue with me.
I rarely look at time postings and to be honest timewise i am always all over the place.
I am sure if it was an easy fix it would have been sorted by now but i am sensing it is a tough nut to crack so as i said i can live with it.

All the best to you Maddie as always:)
Hi Maddie,
The time dose not bother me either , its rare i look at it to be honest , i think it will eventually be sorted, but that has been the least thing for admin to be worried about lately with all the work involved with the setting up of the new forum, have a bit more patience Maddie :)
Regards as always Sterico O0