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How to Index Family History Reports using FTM or do I buy a new programme?

:)When I first started doung my Family Tree on the computer I used Generations 8 and found that when I made up reports I got an index page at the front which made going through and checking/ adding data easy. (I always use my reprts to add research to before inputting onto the computer!)
I also much preferred the layout on screen as I was only looking at one family at a time, all the children were neatly underneath with no distractions so I didn't keep forgetting to sort the children into the right order!:mad:

A couple of years ago, because vista was so unreliable, I changed to Family Tree Maker 2008 and then upgraded to 2009. Although I like the fact I can just import info in from ancestry I hate the reports!!:mad: They don't seem to add in my notes and there is no index:'( Now that I have a tree with dozens of people called Joseph, James and John, not forgetting the William and Charles' with the same surname spanning 300 years I really need an index.)

Does anybody have a clue how to do this in FTM or should I bight the bullet and buy a new programme? Is there a programme out there that has this facility?

Any thoughts/advice really welcome:)

Thanks, Madmummy:D

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