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How To Trace if there are children from grandad's previous marriage?

Hi :)

I've just received a copy of my nanna and Grandad's marriage certificate after ordering it online (my mum could never remember the exact date of their marriage and I want to get married on the same date this year as I'm using my nanna's wedding ring!)

Anyway, very little is known about my grandad, he died when my mum was only 13 and she was never 100% certain if he'd been married prior to his marriage to my nanna. Their wedding certificate shows that his "condition" was that he had obtained a divorce from a Dora Louisa Shaw.

I have been searching the online records and cannot find any entry of their marriage at all and without that, it's going to be almost impossible to find out her date of birth, where she was from etc to even begin to establish if they had any children.

My mum has been desperately wanting to know for years if she has any older half siblings and I really feel like I've hit a stumbling block now :(

I found a record of my grandad's death which stated that he was 53 at the time of his death on 22.02.1961 and according to the marriage certificate, he was 38, and that was on 12.10.1946.

Anyway, if anybody can tell me anything about Dora Louisa Shaw or what date she married my grandad, Leonard Francis Evans, I would be extremely grateful.

Many thanks for your help :)
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