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How would I confirm a "throw away line" in a family history.


New member
Noosa, Queensland,
I came across a family history of a sibling of my Great Grandfather. In it it referred to my GGF as "he shot a deer on the Earl Shilton's Estate and went to Australia" Now the facts I have is he was born and grew up in a village of Earl Shilton (the Earl being added some time in history with the permission of the Earl for some event that brought prestige to the village). As an adult he was living and working in Leicester as a warehouse man, where he was married (1870) and had a daughter (1871) in 1872 the family emigrated on Government assisted passage - first to New Zealand then 4 months later he sailed to Australia and his wife and daughter followed 3 months later (this is another mystery). I doubt very much he was deport as deportation had stopped by this time and the whole family wouldn't have been deported anyway. If he had shot a deer and there were repercussions as a result would it be recorded anywhere and where would I look?

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