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Hugh McKay and Annie McLean



I am trying to find information (if any exists) on a marriage between Hugh McKay and Annie McLean.

Currently, I have found a birth certificate for Martin McKay whom was born in 1882 and the birth certificate showed his father as being Hugh and his mother as Annie. Martin came from Barrow-In-Furness, Cumbria, UK.

Another question would be, is if they didn't get married, I won't be able to find out any more information about Hugh McKay or his partner's background?

Thanks for any help.
Hello and welcome to the Forum.

Either way it should be possible to find some info on Hugh and Annie.

Address on the 1882 birth ?

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Possible family in 1891

Annie Mckie
County Cumberland
Parish Workington
Ecclesiastical Parish ST MICHAELS
Registration District Cockermouth
Residence Note Henry Street
Gender Female
Age 37
Marital Status Widow
Relationship to Head of Household Head
Birth Year (Estimated) 1854
Birthplace Glasgow
Page Number 4
Registration Number RG12
Piece/Folio 4307/ 29
Annie Mckie Head F 37 Glasgow
Hugh Mckie Son M 16 Lancashire, England
Thomas Mckie Son M 14 Lancashire, England
Martin Mckie Son M 8 Lancashire, England
Pissible family in 1881

Hugh Mc Key
Event Place Barrow In Furness, Lancashire, England
Registration District Barrow In Furness
Residence Note Rawlinson St
Gender Male
Age 32
Marital Status (Original) Married
Occupation General Labourer
Relationship to Head of Household Head
Birth Year (Estimated) 1849
Birthplace Scotland
Page Number 35
Registration Number RG11
Piece/Folio 4291/67
Hugh Mc Key Head M 32 Scotland
Annie Mc Key Wife F 29 Scotland
Hugh Mc Key Son M 7 Manchester, Lancashire
I can't see a birth reg or a baptism yet for Hugh junior or Thomas.

I have not yet found the death reg for Hugh senior.

I can't find the marriage.

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Annie Mc Lain

Estimated birth year:abt 1856
Relationship to Head:Servant

Where born:Scotland

Civil Parish:
Newcastle on Tyne St John


Street address:36 Westgate

Anne Mclain
Gender Female
Birth Date 08 Jun 1853
Birthplace , Avondale, Lanark, Scotland
Father's Name Neil Mclain
Mother's Name Flora Mclain

Near Bothwell, likely scored out as they had know idea where it was, and Glasgow everyone has heard off.

A possible birth reg for Hugh McKay.

Hugh McCoy.
A/M/J. - 1873.
R.D. Chorlton.
Vol.- 8c.
Page. - 706.


1874 on the GRO with mmn McLean.

I think it has to be the right family in 1881 in Barrow In Furness.

If the census image only has Glasgow it will be hard finding the right Annie McLean.

1901 census and a death for Annie?

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Thanks for such a warm welcome and all the help. It is much appreciated. I think you are right, Dave, its hard to see how it can be any other family, possibly with people I haven't yet accounted for. I wonder if the name 'McKie' got changed down to 'McKay' or somewhere along the lines, it got spelt wrong, since Martin as far as I know was 'McKay,' but that is an assumption. My grandfather 'David,' was certainly 'McKay,' so I am thinking somewhere down the line, a simple, potential mis-spelling was why I couldn't find the information.

Anyways, thanks again. It is much appreciated. :)
Sometimes the family name changes through the generations but also it's simply the way it's written in records based the name being heard. The census enumerator would usually hear the names and not be given a written list.