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Hughes family


According to the 1911 census, my grandfather John William Hughes was born in Royton Lancashire about 1884 his birthday being 10th January. On JWH's wedding certificate (Goole 1905) he gives his father's name as John (deceased).

My father had tried to get more information from him but commented "He told me, his mother (maiden name Jenny Graham) came from St Helier Jersey, where her father was the only shoemaker on Jersey Island- but as far as I can gather with the little things he used to say, the Graham family originated in Scotland as did his father. "

I have not been able to get any farther than this.

Can anyone cast some light on the subject?

Hi Glynne,

Sorry Glynne but I cant find anything these people.

Did find a lone Jenny Graham on the 1881 Welsh census born abt 1865 pob Cadoxton, but thats the only time she appears, so dont know where she went, although there are other Graham's in Wales. My other half had an aunt called Jenny as referred to by her daughter, but when he received some pictures from Scotland her name was written as Janey.

With John William Hughes birth it could be one of many, I think Royton may have come under the registration district of Oldham though not sure, but there wasnt anything to match this on the census, no parents called John and Jenny together.

I had a look on the Jersey census nothing stood out.

Will still have another look.
Thanks Julie,

I tried contacting the Jersey FH soc. with no reply.

The spelling of "Jenny" is variable. Another version is Jeannie (as in Jeannie Deans, a character in one of Sir Walter Scott's novels). The IGI is quite good with alternative spellings but FreeBMD is not so.

My Grandfather, I think, for some reason didn't really know or wouldn''t admit any knowledge about his parentage. He was a merchat seaman and was well known for "tall stories" Around 1949 my father unsuccessfully tried to find documentation of JWH's birth so as to enable his OAP.

We thought we had found a line for him with a JWH who was born in Liverpool on 10th Jan 1885, but the 1911 census put the mockers on this.

I think we must assume that although he was unsure of his birth place and year when he was in his 60s he would have known when he was in his 20's at the time of his marriage and the 1911 census.


Hi Glynne,

Do you have any birth/death/marriage certificates for those you have mentioned.
£7 pounds a go if you haven't. but sometimes it's neccessary. They can yield a wealth of info.

But don't rush out and buy any yet if you need to, still looking.

Hi Steve,

The problem is :-
I need the information on the birth certificate to get the birth certificate. No record I've found corresponds to the birth year of JWH on 2 marriage certificates and the 1911 census and the place of birth on the 1911 census.

Hi Julie,

Yes, tried scotlandspeople. Lots of possibilities for births of Hughes and Graham but nothing appears to connect.