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Hurdon family

How do I start? What is the best way to start my family tree? I do know that Dr John Hurdon married Emma nott Dyer in 1812 Please help


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Hi hurdon,

Have you done anything to find that piece of information, or is it something that is just known in the family?

If it is the latter, write it down on a piece of paper and put it to one side. For the time being, you will ignore it. But, be ready to bring it back in when the time is right. That time will be when the information you have gathered establishes that it is actually relevant to you.

First job - sit down with an A4, narrow ruled refill pad. Write down everything you know about yourself and any siblings you may have. Use the following order to write down the information:

1) Full given name (if a woman, this is the maiden name - never use the married name). At the right-hand side of that line, write down their relationship to you. If it is you, write "me". if it is a brother or sister, write "my younger/older brother/sister" whichever is relevant.
2) On the next line, write down that person's date of birth.
3) On the next line, write down where born. (Maternity hospital, at home. etc.)
4) On the next line, write down the family address on that date, if known. If not, leave the line blank.
5) On the next line, write down the date baptised, if known. If not, leave the line blank.
6) On the next line, write down where baptised, if known. If not, leave the line blank.
7) On the next line, write down the father's full name.
8) On the next line, write down the mother's full given (maiden) name.

About one third of the way down the page, you set out the details for marriage:
9) Full given name of the person married. Maiden name in the case of a woman.
10) Date of marriage
11) Where married.
If married more than once, repeat the last three items for each marriage, and list them in chronological order. Give each marriage a number.

About two thirds of the way down the page, you set out the details for death. You do not miss out this section for anyone, even yourself. Someday, someone may well fill it in.
12) Date of death
13) Where died.
14) date of burial/cremation
15) Where buried/cremated, including section and plot numbers for any grave.
16) Cause of death.

If you have birth/marriage/death certificates, you can write "certificate in file" on the same line as the date for each of them.

Now take a second sheet of paper for the same person and, on the top line, write down that person's position in the family. For instance, if the person is the second of five children, that is what you write - "2nd of 5 children". That fixes their position in the family and can now only refer to one person.

About 6 lines below that, write down "Education" and, starting on the next line, fill in all education details known, giving one school or college per line, starting with the earliest. Don't forget to include any qualifications that person achieved.

Leave a few blank lines and then do the same thing for any work/military service information you may have. For military service, include any honours won by that person.

Leave a few blank lines and then write "Children". Starting on the next line, list any children, starting with the first-born. Give the child's full given name and date of birth. In the case of multiple marriages producing children from more than one marriage, start with the children of the first marriage and work through that way. Make sure that you add the number of the marriage to that line as well.

The bottom third of this page should be for any other relevant information not covered by the above items.

Never write anything on the back of any of these pages. If a page has to be replaced because of new, or changed, information, you can't forget anything which may have been written on the other side this way.

These two pages, when placed side by side, give you an overview of that person's life at a glance.

When you have done that for yourself and all your siblings, arrange the two pages for each person, starting with the youngest on top and working back to the eldest.

Next, you do the pages, set out exactly the same way, for your father. Following that, you do the same for your mother. Put your father's pages behind the last page for his eldest child, and your mother's pages behind them.

Next, you go on to your father's brothers and sisters. Do it exactly the same way. Arrange the pages for your father's brothers and sisters in the same order as before, and put them behind your mother's pages. D not move your father's pages from the place I told you to put them.

At this stage, it is important to remember that, as we go back through the generations, the number of people who could carry the same title doubles. You have 1 father and 1 mother. You have 2 grandfathers and 2 grandmothers, and so on. So, you need to specify which one it is. Your grandfather on your father's side is "your father's father". That can only be one person.

Continue working back through the generations for those you personally know the accurate information, and do it exactly as above. Continue until you can do no more. This is the best evidence you can possibly have because it is what you know. So far, you have spoken to no one.

Come back when you have done that and let me know and we will go on to the next step.

Hi Keith Thank you for the help in how to get started I do appreciate your thoughtfullness.

I do know of a house called Bydown have you ever seen it? I am from London Ontario Canada and am really excited to start my genealogy quest. Again Thank you so much. Will start tonight. Hurdon :2fun:
Hi Keith: I have gone as far as I can on the Hurdon family Nicholas Dyer-Hurdon was born in 1847 He was a Banker with Molsons. He went to America but not sure what boat or how to proceed with wat is next to do. Looking forward to the next step. Miss Pat Carson :)


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Hi Pat,

If you order the birth certificate, using the information given.
You should get fathers name and occupation, and mothers maiden name, plus where born and actual date of birth.

Name: Nicholas Dyer Hurdon
Year of Registration: 1847
Quarter of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep
District: Launceston
County: Cornwall, Devon
Volume: 9
Page: 124

You can order online from here, once you've registered. You will need a credit card.


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