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I am looking for my great grandma - Mary Ella Jane Steele in 1911 census.....

Milton Keynes
Hello all,

Sorry to bother you all again lol, I hope I not drive you all up the wall for keep asking for help lol, I hope you don't mind.

Right, I am looking for my great grandma - Mary Ella Jane Steele in 1911 census that's which I seems can't find her in 1911 census that she should be in, as she was born in 1901 and she was about 10 in 1911,

She got married to James Alfred Dunbar in 1921 BUT I have found out that Mary's marriage certificate on ancestry.co.uk as ELLA Steel to James A Dunbar:confused:, can anyone help?:confused:

Anyway they had 5 children afterward from 1926 till 1933. One of their child was my nanny - Mary Elizabeth Dunbar (1933), that's which I did mention in a while ago, and I did order my nanny Mary Elizabeth's birth certificate a while ago, (on her birth name was Mary Elizbaeth Dunbar but changed to Sylvia Ella Dunbar when she was adoption).

I have received my nanny's birth certificate and it confirmed that it is right birth certificate, it has also got the parent's name on it too. That's how I got my nanny's parent name - Mary Ella Jane Steele and James Alfred Dunbar.

Oh and by the way Mary Ella Jane passed away at my nanny's birth that's which was on February 1933.

I am look for my great grandma (my nanny's mother M.E.J) in 1911 census, as I wanted to track M.E.J's parent down as she was about about 10 years old in 1911. But seems impossible?

So can you help me to find her in 1911 AND about marriage certificate that's which she was as Ella Steel when she was suppose to be Mary Ella Jane Steele and I couldn't find her birth/marriage certificate on ancestry.co.uk too.

I feels that I should order certificate but wasn't sure which best to order for Mary - marriage or birth or ? Cos no birth shows or whatever. That's what I am stuck about, I'm hoping you

Please ? I would be appreciate if some of you help, and advise too.


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