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I am looking for my Great Uncle Philip Clark


Burton On Trent
He born in 1923 in Scotland and his family come from Scotland and he died in 2006 in Oxford (Bicester) and he has joined RAF around 1945 second world war and married to my great aunt Nora Beeby born in 1921 and died in 2005 in Oxford after they had first daughter then went on two more daughters and I am looking for his family in Scotland, I know his father has been married to Philip's Mum in Edinburgh. His middle name could be either Stanley or Sidney I cant remember which one. Was told that he has a twin brother?

His father called Alexander Clark and he was born in 1861 and died in 1943, and his wife was Mary Kathleen Achurch, born in 1889 in Sandon, Herts and died in 1970 Bray On Thames.

Could you look them up for me if you can find them?

Thank you very much.
Name: CLARK, Philip Sidney
Registration district: Oxfordshire
Year of registration: 2006
Month of registration: November
Date of Birth:16 June 1923

District no: 6951P
Reg no: P03D
Ent no: 186
DOR: 1106

these are the only children on BMD born to parents Clark/Beeby
Patricia A.B o/d qtr 1945 Ilkeston Derby ref 7b 813
Lynne S j/m qtr 1961 Ploughley Oxford ref 6b 1654
John a/j qtr 1965 Cockermouth ref 1a 163
Patricia a/j qtr 1966 Cockermouth ref 1a 148

Philip S Clark married Nora Beeby j/m qtr 1945 Ilkeston, Derby ref 7b 1233

Alexander Clark married Mary K Achurch a/j qtr 1922 Biggleswade, ref 3b 916
If Alex was born 1861 he would hace been 61 and if Mary was born 1889 she would have been 33.
there is one birth of a child with parents Clark/Achurch
Anne R o/d qtr 1929 Maidenhead, Bucks ref 2c 606

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Hmm, I didnt know that Philip/Nora had 4 children? I know 3 girls they have but nothing about John! I dont know if my Dad knows about it.

How did you find the kids that born to the parents? Thats so amazing!


I only have limited access to scottish records. You would need to go to the Scotlands people website - http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/content/help/index.aspx?402
and purchase some credits to view, (unless a kind member with access can help you.

I have tried to narrow records down to help. As far as I can see there are only two records for the birth of Philip in 1923, these are in Edinburgh City, one in St Andrew district and the other in St Bernard.

There are 10 records of --?-- Clark born 1923 in St Andrew but only two in St Bernard, one being Philip, the other is for an Alastair. If you know the name of Philip's twin, that may confirm this is your family.

Hi Lisa

I don't know what resources you use, but if you go to free BMD for England and Wales - http://freebmd.org.uk/
and click on search.
select the type of record you want, ie birth marriage or death, in this case birth.
Put the father's and mother's surnames in the boxes.
this is all you need if one of the names is uncommon. You may need to put in a christian name and/or time period and/or district to eliminate names if they are common. I start with a minimal amount of info and work up, as I like the results to confirm info I still have, if you see what I mean.
If you put the surnames Clark and Beeby, the only name which comes up is the birth of Lynne in 1961.
Once you get past 1900 free BMD is not complete, so by using the same procedure on ancestry or find my past, I got the other results.