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I am [Widget44] Fiona Johnston

I am [Widget44] Fiona Johnston, the Widget is a nickname given to me by my father who gave me an immediate assessment of character as he surmised what he was in for. Means Imp, scallywag, minx, you name it Anyway I have mousy brown hair with blue eyes, live in Suffolk East Anglia. One of my many reasons for tracing my family history is due to the fact that approximately over fifty people, including my mother say I bear an uncommon resemblance to the actor, Douglas Henshall, hence I have been trying to find a link and almost found one, typing out Slater and Henshall as wild cards, lo and behold, I found a connection although I am not sure if they appertain to him as there an awful lot of them but the Henshall's I have found, have their origins in Cheshire which is where my maternal great grandparents came from but it seemed at some point that a Henshall married a Slater which was the surname of my great grand father who was the husband of my great grandmother. Now the curious thing is on the Johnston side, my mother told me that the Johnston's farmed kelp near Oban, Argyllshire and Douglas Henshall also had associations with Oban yet can find no trace.It sadly could be the fact that my mother told me this in her early days of dementia when she was with me and apt to tell me a tall story or two although I have a great Uncle, my father's Dad's brother who gradually reached the rank of Assistant Commissioner with the Metropolitan police. His son did likewise although he may have retired by now and returned to Oban. If so, perhaps NSY might be able to put me in touch with him as I am his cousin once removed. I would like to verify this naturally. Also when my mother had me, both my parents were discovered as a result of a blood test, to share the same element in their blood called the Lutheran factor and were asked if they were in any way related. Mum said no at the time which perplexed the haematology specialist who said that this was unusual for alleged non related people to have the same factor. Sadly my maternal g/father was not entirely forthcoming with background information except to say that the Johnstons made their way down from Scotland, even taking over farms or teaching the farmers how to farm effectively. My name Johnston originates from a Swedish Viking who adopted the name Johnston/Johnstoun that later became Perth[The Vikings that invaded Scotland were part of the Boernician tribes[learned this from the Net by the way] The Viking concerned was given land by Robert The Bruce and we are also related to a family called the Irvings whom we made friends with when we were in Portugal, to later discover they were our distant cousins.:)