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I don't believe it?

Same thing on a Furner tree on my direct line Charles born 1796 and parents died in 1795.

I still think the best is a birth in Sydney 5 years before the colony was established.

A good few years ago, I saw one tree that gave 3 children to one woman, before she was born.:eek::2fun::2fun:

I can't imagine how that happened, let alone how the Ancestree software set up allowed it.:confused:
I found a woman born in County Durham in 1700 and baptised in London the same year. Sorry but show me compelling evidence of this otherwise look for Durham burials.

I even have found someone who is listed on the 1881 UK census and the 1880 US census because there are 2 people of the same name and same age in both censuses and an Anc tree says they must be the same person.

And people born in the 1600s with parents born in 1850.