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I have a date of birth, is there a way...?


Hi all

I have a silly problem!

I have a date of birth - 24 July 1891 - but I cant trust any of the names that are supposed to go with it! - that is to say the lady didnt even tell her daughter who her parents were or anything! - but I don't know where she was born. FreeBMD, IGI, Ancestry, FRC - all tried but take me no further forward!! her now 83 year old daughter is fascinated to know - I am thinking of getting her to do a genetic test!

The fathers names on her 2 marriage certs (no worries 1st husband died on the Somme!) are ok as far as a surname goes but the two forenames stated , while the same, are in reverse order on one, compared to the other! How many daughters would get their fathers name back to front!

She had a very close friend - who looked like her and was her stature and her hair and eye colouring. This firiend attended both of her weddings and SHE gave herself slightly different initials on each occasion - I think I know why! I have her marriage licence too! She states her surname is the same as the other lady but gives her fathers forename as different. She was born 2-3 years earlier. Again we do not know from her where she was born but her prison record shows she claimed to have been born in Ireland! Both ladies were RC.

Both ladies have 3 forenames and each has at east one which is totally unique! One was called Nahneen and the other Algorta.

Just to confuse matters totally Nahneen and her second husband - my Gt Uncle - lived much of their life only about 5 miles south of the Spanish seaside resort of Algorta!

If anyone can come up with ideas - even show me that there is an obvious anagram, perhaps I and my elderly cousin would be very grateful.

I have a suspicion or two but proving it is difficult and might require me to go to the BL to see one book or to Dublin and thats not possible at present!

I have checked The London Gazette and the Times of 1885-1930.

I have looked through the census returns for the addresses both girls gae on their marriage certs but both are in Mayfair and were lodgings!

These ladies were well educated and very competent riders to hounds including to Staghounds!

A solicitor called something like 'Sarl' might have been able to help circa 1950 - his name was mentioned on a deathbed but no one took note at the time!

I have even more unhelpful but fascinating aspects of this tale but enough is enough...?http://www.forum.familyhistory.uk.com/images/smilies/confused.gif

I'd love to receive any new ideas?