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I have my doubts!!

Bexhill on Sea
Having got some way with my family my father in law asked if I would do his. Not too much of a problem you may think except he didn't even know his own mothers maiden name!!!Luckily both parents had fairly uncommon first names, (Hephzibah & Louis) I have found their marriage in Hastings in 1914 which gave me her surname but still have no idea where she came from,online searches and requests at local register office and indexes at local records office have been unfruitful, He cant remember more than the first names of siblings no birth/death dates, and requests to other members of the family have been seemingly ignored.(He is 90 by the way so I not expecting much help,I have to deal with comments like "There was an aunt Ginny....but I dont know where she fits in" and "There was granny Harris who lived along by the Downs dont know if she was related or who too"Any suggestions where i can look next, before I pull all my hair out.:rolleyes:
HELP PLease!
Hi starbird,

Post what details you have eg surname, age when married, place/county and will have a look to see if anything can be found.
Hi Starbird

I looked for any marriages in 1914 in Sussex with Hephzibah as first name and found a Hephzibah Wood marrying a Louis J Jeffrey ref 2b 670. Is this the couple? if so, maybe sending off for their marriage certificate will be the next thing.

There is a Louis Albert Jeffrey born in 1888 in Tonbridge.

:) WOW!!! You are all fantastic.... Thank you so much for taking time to help. I have the marriage certificate already which shows they were married at St Matthews Church St Leonards on Sea Sussex. on 7 June 1914 Hephzibah shown as aged 20 spinster, daughter of george Stephen Wood.
Regards Linda:)
Hi Starbird

What was Louis's fathers name and occupation?

I just noticed on your avatar that you are from Bexhill On Sea. Well my great grandmother lived along the Hastings Road in Bexhill in 1911 as a servant at Cresswell House.