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I;m feeling chuffed. Blythe update


Loyal Member
Today I have found a new piece of information about Bishops House never realised before. I was looking up the history of Samuel Blythe which led me down the path of the laws which restricted non conformists and discovered that Samuel Blythes father applied in 1672 for a licence to teach in his house and worship there, being of the Presbyterian persuasion.

Previous histories had assumed the William of Norton was from Norton Manor but the Manor had been sold by then and those Blythes were living in Dronfield.

There are no other Williams in Norton at that time I've checked all the parish records land agreements etc. so it has to be William Blythe of Norton Lees and that means the house was used as a school and Meeting House at least for a couple of years. William died in 1675 leaving a young family and wife.

She married a clergyman called Robert Fern. I wonder if he stepped in to keep the school running and the meetings for Worship? The Hall inside the house is used for small meetings now and you can easily envisage it used as a school room or for religious services.

It does explain also why William leaves no smithy gear or scythes, but does mention a library.

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