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I think I've lost the plot!


dovercourt but born Enfield
Checking up on previously found data, I keep finding I cannot find data I already have in my tree.
After some time of checking everything I came to the conclusion that I have forgotten all the rules I had developed when doing searches, mainly the one about less is more.
Put shortened names in the search and all the so called lost results appear as if by magic.

Its sad when you get old!:cool::confused:

Peter ( learning it all again)
Agree :) already needing more time to remember names in everyday life. Tried to remember a friends name from the 1960s ,still no further forward. Such an unusual first name to recall. My tree is back on Ancestry ,as I am so used to working off it. My Familytree maker is always closing down on me, and has down since I bought it.:(

The one thing which really bugs me is finding someone's baptism or marriage then, a few weeks later when I look for it again it's disappeared. I'm convinced that there was stuff on the familysearch site which I found years ago which is now gone for good. I'm obviously developing selective vision and I don't think Specsavers can help!

I save all records to my computer, and I have 6/7 binders,3 for 1800,s alone for the Adamsons at that time .I,ve tons more that I need to print out ,but printer not set up ,dreading it actually .:(

I get that. Sometimes I also forget things and when I do a bit of research I get a bit of deja vu and think, have I done this before?
You are right Emeltee, I've done the same as you. I keep thinking I must have been dreaming the information, but I think when they changed the site some of the information did disappear....or are we all dreaming?? :D