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Icons,awards,stars etc

Colne Lancs
As you can prob. tell,I'm new to the site so I hope I'm asking this in the right place|| I have noticed that threads are marked up by various icons and stars and that some members are designated senior, junior etc and have been "awarded" It may help other new members as well as myself to understand how this works in relation to the number of posts etc it takes "to make the grade"Of course it just may be that I am being thick and that I hav'nt read everything I'm supposed to. Thanks in anticipation.
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Hi Patrick welcome to the forums,

I hope you get a lot of enjoyment & success from the site.:)
If you have any queries don't hesitate to post your questions on the appropriate forum with as much detail as you have & we will endeavour to help you.
There are a lot of very helpful people here who get a real buzz knocking down those brickwalls even when they are not our own. :biggrin:

In answer to your question.

You can put icons on your messages when you post them (i put a big grin on this one). The junior/ senior member relates to how long you have been a member. The awards relate to how many posts etc. If you hover over the awards icons it tells you how many posts relate to each award.
You will notice that I am designated as a moderator. Admin sometimes will ask members who access the site regularly to help him to moderate the site. Which means we monitor to make sure nothing inappropriate is posted which would be deleted or moved.

Hope that explains a little. Dave from admin I'm sure will fill in anything I have missed.

Welcome again. Hope to hear from you again.

Cheers Peta
In your reply to patrickw you say the junior/senior member relates to how long you have been a member.How long before you get 'promoted' from junior to senior?
Hi Familyman & Prefabkid, :D

Going by Familymans post I might be mistaken about the junior/senior member stuff. My personal experience was that I joined about 2 & half yrs ago as a junior member & progressed quite rapidly through to senior member, though I can't tell you the exact timeframe now. I became a moderator about a year ago. I access the site most days even if it is just to keep up with reading posts. The site has gone through a transformation since I joined so things might have changed a tad.

I'll contact Dave (Admin). & post again later if I'm wrong. :confused:

Cheers Peta
Thanks to those of you who have taken the trouble to read this post and who have responded. Its cleared up some of my puzzlement but not all, so I'll keep my fingers crossed on further info coming. Wow familyman, you joined here the day after me and you certainly have been busy with the posts. If you keep this up, FHUK will need more staff just to keep up with you !!!:biggrin:

Thanks again
well thanks patrickw i thought i'd make a speacial effort for this site. i got such an adiction to family history i found this forum via google thats totally dedicated to family history i thought i'd go to town with,although i am a member of other sites like genes reunited & other forums, this one came out tops with everyone sharing the same topic,just brillent:D i am still working my way through this site but in some threads like introducing yourself there is a lot to trail through so thought i'd give this one a break for now & move on to others.gene reunited i have been pretty lucky with find new rellies to my tree & adding new data i would of never otherwise found,i hope to do the same here so if there are any gevauxs,harpers,neales,whites or jacksons here please let us knowwelcome
Hi there! Well you've answered a few of the questions I had but not asked yet! >:D I hope you have as much fun here as I am having. Yes, I agree with you Familyman, this site is much friendlier than some of the other sites around >:D
many thanks pennywinks,one thing i will be keeping an eye on what others are researching as this will /could help in any marrage links i have on my trees:2fun: welcome :D
Hi All,
Peta vitually got it correct ;)
There are a number of ranks and post awards - hopefully to encourage FHUK members to firstly join and post here on our forums and then to continue to re-visit - Thats what we are all here for - I hope - FHUK Community - helping each other :)

Anyway - Member Ranks:
needs minimum of 5 posts

needs a minimum of 15 Posts

needs a minimum of 30 Posts

needs a minimum of 60 Posts

Moderator and Super Moderators are appointed by Admin to help manage the FHUK community forums and they really deserve a medal and a big thankyou.

Post awards are (what it says on the tin! :D ) awards for posting over a certain amount of posts. See here for explanation and list
Regarding Post Awards - if anyone believes they should have an award or in fact anyone else - You can goto the award page and click "Request Award"

All the best,
Hi Familyman,:)

My Maslens are in Australia at the moment I haven't traced them overseas yet. That doesn't mean there isn't a connection further back along family lines. At the moment I am focusing on other surnames but my Mother in law's mother was a Maslen. Will keep you in mind when I do start trolling along the Maslen family highway.

Cheers Peta. :biggrin:
thanks pee wee,i am keeping a close eye on others researching different surname links incase some of them fall into my catagory,you never know i might strike gold:)