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Identification of uniform and needing service records Anglo Boer War


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Near Durban
A two fold problem, first I need to know what uniform and rank the man in the photo is wearing and then any info and records of his service. The man in question is Otto Husemeyer b. 1870 in London, England. His parents were Otto Husemeyer b. abt. 1847 and Auguste Friederike Haak of Germany. Otto Husemeyer b. 1870 left England before the start of the first Anglo Boer War. As a photograph he was probably dispatched to South Africa to record the events.
He left his wife Emilie Johanna Elwine Elizabeth Abraham b. 1865 Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia and son in England.
My problem is his birth, so far we have not been able to find proof that he was born in England.
His father was a machinist in the German Maire in 1875. So what was his parents doing in England at the time of his birth? His parents had another son Bruno who was born in 1878 in Wilhelmshaven, Lower Saxony, Germany
Otto Husemeyer b. 1870 never returned to England after the second Boer War, we do not know if he divorced his wife? But he ended up with two new woman in South Africa. And died in 1920 in the Transvaal.
Any help will be appreciated, thanks


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