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If it is not broke, dont fix it.


Staff member
When you "fix" something that is not broken, then it usually gets broken after that. I hate the new Flickr layout, the site is slower and I miss the old layout.

I still have never been satisfied with the new FamilySearch website IGI side. The old one was much better to search and just gave relevant results.
They call it progress.
Just like films and TV programs with the background sound track so loud you cant follow the dialogue!
Computer programs are the same, I remember when Pkzip came out , just did what it said on the tin until they improved it!! It died a death!!

With the Family Search site if you type a phonetic search it used to only give results relevant to your search such as IGI. Now it gives you endless census results mixed in unless you fiddle about with more controls. Ie you search for a baptism of someone to Joe Bloggs, it will give census results of people with the father's name Joe Bloggs. Unless you wade through the search functions.

Ancestree has recently "upgraded" its forum and it is hogwash.