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Illegitimate ancestors and their effect on todays researchers.


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I dont know what it is but even today, many researchers cannot accept an illegitimate ancestor in their tree or if there is a sinister reason for an illegitimacy such as one of the parents being married, many people of today cannot accept such a thing. They become very sensitive about the stigma even today. In those times many men did stray with single women, especially if their wives were ill or unstable. It happened in my tree.

Many people accept that but I have noticed the odd person who cannot accept such a reason or circumstance surrounding an illegitimate birth. Things like this happened and if a man was nursing a sick wife, he would often need solace and comfort, and this resulted in pregnancy. Its simple, if a man was bereft and stressed with a dying loved one, he needed support. Also men strayed if their wives were fit and well. Things like that happened and if we find such a reference we just have to accept it.


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