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Illegitimate in 1900 - what surname to search?


Torquay VIC
Hello, I am trying to search a birth certificate of my maternal Grandmother. We know she was illegitimate and born either 1899 or 1900 (conflicting info) and also conflicting info on place - either Millom/Bootle Cumberland - or Camberwell London... The mother (my Great Grandmother's) Name was Lillian Allison - the birth certificate I am looking for (my Grandmother) is all a woman the name of Lillian Mary (or Mary Lillian) Allison (Allison was the name she went by and used on her own marriage certificate - but with, as far as we know - a totally fictitious Fathers name listed)... What was the standard practice at that time (1899-1900) of what to enter on a birth certificate in these circumstances. I have had no luck at all looking for variations of Lillian Mary Allison - and wondered if maybe the surname would have been the fathers, or even an invented surname - and thus my dilemma. any advice appreciated!
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Has Lillian/Mary been found in 1901 and 1911 census?

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

Yes we have her on both the 1901 and 1911 census, and the 1939 records. (the 1901 and 1911 census give birth year 1900, the 1939 records give birth year 1899. and the place birth in the 1901 and 1911 census both give Camberwell, Surrey,London). However, a passenger embarkation card in her own handwriting gives birth as 1899, Millon Cumberland (both with a '?' attached)...

I have had registrars at both Cumbria and Camberwell search to no avail on variations of the names,
Oh also, in the 1901 and 1911 census they are living in Bootle/Millom Cumberland (in the 1901 Census she is listed as boarder with family friends - in the 1911 Census living with her Grandfather. (In the 1901 Census the Grandfather - and mother plus other aunts etc are listed separately... so in 1901 My Maternal Grandmother was not living with her mother or other immediate family (even though she was newly born) - and they were all living in the same town.
Assuming any birth was registered with Mary Lillian/Lilian or Lillian/Lilian Mary in Camberwell or Cumberland I searched for all the family names and then checked them in GRO to see if a mother's maiden name was not listed. I found no such birth reg.

But too many to check if only registered with one name or if not Camberwell RD.

Only one I can find is Lillian Allison in Chelsea in J-M 1900 01A 382 and mother Williams. She could have lied about her own name and made a fictitious man tho. does the name Williams mean anything in the family? As the census says Camberwell (5 miles from Chelsea) I would think it is more likely than Cumberland for her birth place but she herself might not have been sure where she was born hence her boarding card.

Sorry can't find any other likely ones either.