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I'm a new one!


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Hi all, I am new to this site. I am currently researching family trees for my mum and dad. Dad's was not too difficult as his family were of russian jewish origin and the name - Sherkosky - was fairly easy to look for. I managed to uncover of spectacular skeletons before moving on to my mums family. Her maternal grandmother was a lady called Eliza Lincoln. Mum was always told that her granny was a Lincoln who married a Lincoln and this turned out to be true. I have a marriage certificate for Eliza Lincoln and John Lincoln. It says that Johns father was William Henry Lincoln, a shoemaker and it says that Eliza's father was George Lincoln, also a shoemaker. I have not been able to find out any more about William Henry and I am wondering if he and George were brothers and therefore Eliza and John were cousins. Eliza and John appear to have had three children, John George and Eliza. Their early married life seems to have been uneventful, but by 1881 John senior is in the Marylebone Workhouse. He also appears there in the 1891 census. My daughter spent a whole day looking through records of the workhouse. I've no idea why he was there! My problem is trying to go further back than the cenus collections will allow, if you see what I mean. I would like to find out if John and Eliza were related but I don't know where to start - if anyone has any ideas I would be really grateful! thanks


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Hi and welcome to the wonderful and sometimes frustrating world of ancestral research.
We at F.H.U.K wish you every success in your quest to find your ancestral past and our members will help you wherever they can in your search.
To help us to help you, please post your questions; with as much relevant information that you do have in your possession, on the relevant forums and that will assist our members to be able to help you find those answers you are looking for.
Again welcome and we hope you enjoy our numerous forums.
Best regards Sterico .