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I'm looking for my great great grandfather and grandmother named Florence Higgins and Henry Higgins


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Florence died sometime in her 40s of cancer in the Burnley area, and as far as I know for certain she had 2 daughters Gladys Higgins and Nora Higgins.
Not sure what happened to Henry Higgins, I am descendent from his daughter Gladys, who ran away from home at 14/15 so it's unknown whether he stayed in the Burnley area or left.
I think Henrys parents were William Henry Higgins and Ellen Susannah but I'm not entirely sure.
I think Florence's parents were surname Holden, possibly William Henry Holden and Sarah or Herbert Holden and Edith
I think Florence was born in 1889 as her grave says she was buried in 1935 In Burnley at 46 years old, Henry was born in 1885 to William Henry Higgins and Ellen susannah
From what I've managed to find they had at least 3 children (Nora in 1913, Clifford in 1914 and Gladys in 1916) Clifford died in 1915 and is buried in Burnley with Florence and a few other people with the name holden. I know Florence's Parents (potentially Herbert and Esther not edith) owned a green grocers
A Florence Higgins died in the Burnley area in 1935, aged 46, and it looks as if Henry Higgins and Florence Holden may have married in the same area in 1907.

Possible children. Henry 1910. Nora 1913. Clifford 1914. Gladys 1916. All born Burnley area.

If this is your family, tell us what else you would like to know. Be careful not to include the names of anyone who is , or may be, still alive
Yes this is my family! Wow, that's amazing, I know sometime after Florence Passed away Gladys (my great grandmother who I had the pleasure of knowing) moved burnley but the only records I can find after that was her marriage in 1946 or 1949, at that point her name was Sargeant from a first marriage to a man named John Turner in Bridlington. Im just not sure how she got there, and also what happened to her siblings, as she knew about Nora but she didnt know about any others. Also is there any information on Florence's mother and father?
In 1911 Florence and "Harry" Higgins are living with her parents, William Henry and Sarah Holden. Also present is Sophia Lane, grandmother.
William Henry Holden married Sarah Lane Oct-Dec 1884. Burnley.
Florence Holden, born Oct- Dec 1888. Burnley. Mother's maiden name Lane
It looks as if the Henry Higgins that was born in 1910 died in Jan -Mar 1911.
A Gladys Higgins married Albert Sargeant in Bethnal Green in 1940 but without a copy of the marriage certificate it is not possible to confirm the identity of Gladys.
You can check my all my findings for yourself on either Family Search or Freebmd, both free to access.
On Ancestry pay-to-viw site there is a damaged record of Henry Higgins's enlistment into the Border Regiment on 11 Dec 1915. He stated his age 29 years 0 months. He was a brewers' labourer, living at 1 Crowther Street, Burnley. He married Frances Holden on 17 Dec 1907 at St Peter's Church, Burnley. Nora was born on 17 Oct 1913. Gladys on 5 Aug 1916.
You are fortunate to have any of his records. Over 60% were lost during the Second World War bombing.
The death of a Henry Higgins, aged 57, was registered in Burnley during the period Jul- Sept 1943, which suggests a year of birth of 1886. This is a close match to your Henry, but you will need sight of the death certificate to see if he is yours. If you should decide to purchase the certificate, apply through the General Register Office (GRO). Commercial sites are more expensive.
I'm having no luck finding any trace of his birth or presence on 1891 or 1901 census. I notice that several Higgins in N W England have an Irish connection. Could that be the explanation?