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immigrants via Hull

Hello Everyone,

My name is Viki and I've only recently joined the forum so forgive me if I'm asking a question previously answered elswhere.

I am currently trying to research my Fathers family and have hit a bit of a brick wall. I have found his grandparents: Morris Heller and Minnie Krafchuck and the family is easily tracable from 1901 onwards. My difficulties lie in piecing together their life before that time.

They are both Eastern European Jews who entered the country sometime between 1891 and 1901. Family stories tell that they entered via Hull and then headed over to Liverpool where much of the family carried on the journey to America. This is well trodden path for Jewish transmigrants of that time so makes sense. Morris and Minnie clearly got diverted and remained in Liverpool after brief interlude in Leeds (goodness knows why they went to Leeds!).

I am keen to trace their origins further. Family legend says they, or at least he, were from Georgia but I have no proof. Passenger lists in through Hull seem non existant but not sure if I'm looking in the right place so any pointers welcomed. I currently live in Kent so a long way from Hull, Leeds, Liverpool or any actual physical records that may be useful. I'd appreciate any tips before making wasted and fruitless journies.

Thanks for any help
Hi Vicki,
I can't be much help, but when I 'googled' Kravchuk (which I'm sure you've done), the name seems to be Ukrainian. But my Georgian/Ukranian historical geography leaves a lot to be desired.

There is an alternate spelling of Kravchuk - Krawtchouk.

Do you know of their occupation details. That could be a pointer as to why they stopped of at Leeds.

Could try here for info, send them an email. http://www.hullcc.gov.uk/portal/page?_pageid=221,52893&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

I hope you get more info.:)

Sorry I can't be of much help, but keep coming back as you never know what someone else may suggest.

Hi...here they are in 1901 census....minnie is described as being a cousin of the head of the household.....hope this information helps you on your way..

National Archive Reference:
RG number: RG13 Piece: 3725 Folio: 166 Page: 32

Reg. District: Salford Sub District: Broughton
Parish: Broughton Enum. District: 28
Ecclesiastical District: Higher Broughton St James City/Municipal Borough:

Address: 19, Mary Street, Broughton
County: Lancashire

SOKOLOFSKY, Samuel Head Married M 35 1866 Gentlemen's Tailor
Russia (Russian Subj)

SOKOLOFSKY, Frieda Wife Married F 32 1869
Russia (Russian Subj)

SOKOLOFSKY, Annie Daughter F 9 1892
Russia (Russian Subj)

SOKOLOFSKY, David Son M 6 1895

SOKOLOFSKY, Leah Daughter F 3 1898

SOKOLOFSKY, Marks Son M 1 1900

KRAFCHECK, Fanny Cousin Single F 19 1882 Tailor's Finisher
Russia (Russian Subj)

KRAFCHECK, Minnie Cousin Single F 25 1876 Housekeeper
Russia (Russian Subj)

HELLER, Morris Boarder Single M 22 1879 Cabinet Maker
Russia (Russian Subj)
Hi..I have just checked the original census image,,,,,the surname on the original is Krafchuck.

it would seem this area of Salford was popular with immigrant families...looking at the close neighbours many are from russia,or germany.
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have you got their marriage certificate,,,,that would give you the fathers names ???

Marriages Jun 1901

Heller Maurice Prestwich 8d 757
KRAFCHUCK Minnie Prestwich 8d 757

i have found that the marriage would be found under this record

marriage registers for North Manchester (formerly Brodyer) Synagogue, Prestwich. These cover 1895-1915 (ref Archives M442/2/2/1-4).
these are held at manchester library,,i visit this quite often ,and would be willing to look it up for you,if you wish.
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Hi Vicky..an interesting story...will let the good peeps try and trace your people...but this link shows how the clothing industry was big in Leeds and in fact Barran was one of the first big employers of Jewish Tailors.......one of his employees in Leeds was a small jewish man called Mr Marks..who together with a Mr Spencer left the clothing company......with £50 they opened a shop with one table.....after a few years they had a dozen northern shops...and Marks and Spencers became what we know today....good luck with your research.
The City of Hamburg has ships lists for emigrants 1850-1934. The hometown of each emigrant is noted. A target date for completion of the lists is 2003. It includes over one million Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe.

The mailing address is:

Staatsarchiv Hamburg
Kattunbleiche 19
22041 Hamburg
FAX 011 49 40 42831 3201
E-Mail: LinkToYourRoots@staatsarchiv.hamburg.de
Wow, I am overwhelmed by the support and help - Thanks:)

You make a good point about the Ukranian link and it is one I have been suspecting more and more. However, this is one of the problems with family 'stories' - they have no proof either way and I am very very keen therefore to try to pin this one down - were they from Georgia or Ukraine?? not helped by everyone just listing everything as Russia on all documentation

I have got the marriage cert thanks. Morris (who is recorded as Maurice on the certificate) fathers name is Israel Jacob Heller, Minnie's father is Elias Krafchuck. Can't find evidence of either in the UK so assume that they either passed through and onto the USA or, that they remained in situ in Russia - wherever that means! They were married 23 June 1901 in Prestwich with their first child, Eli, born in Leeds the following year. The offer to look up the synagogue records would be fantastic if you are heading that way some time. I would hate you to put yourself out but guess that if they are there then this might well give more detail than the civil record.

Name thing is driving me mad with both Minnie and Fanny constantly changing their names/spellings. Probably as a consequenceof them speaking Yiddish and little English - therefore most official documents were probablyfilled in by others for them or transcribed phonetically. I guess this is a normal hazard for this type of search??

~Thanks again from a new convert to the forum
Not a bad call but I know that they did not have a daughter called Mary. They had 9 children, the first two born in Leeds, the rest in West Derby, before Morris dies in 1919 of the Spanish flu.

I assume the Fanny Krafchuck on the 1901 census is her sister. She proves even more confusing re names. The woman I am convinced is her married under the name Fanny Gordon and then gave 3 different maiden names on her childrens birth certs - Grafchuck, Graffyk and Gordon. Keeps you on your toes!

I'll follow up on the Hamburg link which sounds promising.

Thanks again
hi,,i will be in the library early next week,,,i will have a look at the marriage record...will post any info you have not got already......if there is any !!!!
wondered if these could be related ?

1901 3, Mozetta Street, North Manchester ,cheetham,prestwich
RG13 Piece: 3767 Folio: 30 Page: 47

KRAFCHICK, Moses Head Married M 20 1881 Cabinet Maker
Russia (Russ Sub)
KRAFCHICK, Babina Wife Married F 20 1881
Russia (Russ Sub)
just realized that i said i would look up the marriage in the manchester archives,,,,,,,i had completely forgotten about this,,,,sorry :eek: i will look it up next time i go,,,,,,:D
Don't worry about the archives Gortonboy. I gave them a call and they were very helpful. Said that, if I emailed a copy of the marriage cert I had then they would have a look and see if the records there held any additional information. It seems that it is just a duplicate of this record so would not have got me any further anyway. Thanks for the offer though - much appreciated.

I have had a bit of a breakthrough with Morris Heller however. Via message board links etc, I came across a gent in Canada who has been researching his family tree for quite some time. He had traced the family back to Belarus - although at that time, Belarus did not exist and was split between Poland and Lithuania. Anyhow, his Great Uncle was Yisroel Yankel Nachomovitz - who is the father of Morris Heller - my Great Grandfather - so that was a bit of a lucky find! I'd never have been able to trace him otherwise.

I was a little sceptical at first - however, he does have the most amazingly detailed research to back it all up, including lots of old family papers and stories - although most of these are writen in Yiddish so sadly I have to take his word for what they say!!!!!

Still trying to pin down Minnie Kraftchuch though. Thanks for the lead on the other Cheetham Krafchicks - I had not come across them yet and they sound a good lead to follow up.

Hi Viki

I don't know if you've had any more success in the last 11 years or so but I just stumbled across your post and I believe Fanny Gordon is the mother-in-law of my first cousin, once removed (thank goodness Ancestry tells you how you're related to people in your tree!)

I've managed to dig up some documents from that side if they're of any use.

Hi SiO2y

Good to hear from you. I admit, I had totally forgotten about this post from so long ago. Greetings from a (sort of) cousin!! I would definately be interested in any information and documentation you have about Fanny Gordon. I still have a brick wall I can't break down to help track my great grandmother and her sister prior to 1901, so finding anything to help break down the wall would be amazing!! I know their father's name was Elias, but beyond that everything is very woolly. I did find one document where I believe Fanny recorded her place of birth as Slonim - which would certainly make sense, but I'd love to be able to confirm that and cross ref it with anything.

I have lots of information about Moska Milstein who was her second husband if that is also a shared link in your family tree. I got his naturalisation papers from the national archive and they provided lots of detailed background about his early life.

Look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes