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Imperial War Museum North-Manchester

North of Watford Gap
Although I have no idea of what the above Museum holds in their archives, I'm going there on Saturday 13th August with my British Legion colleagues. So if anyone has a question they think is relevant, let me know, after all, if we don't ask, we don't find out. I will however try to get them to give me a list of their archive material.

Diolch yn fawr, Steve. I know that there are archives within the one in London which hold extensive knowledge of certain past events throughout Military History. From a personal point, they have "The Sinking of HMT Lancastria" and it contains my folder on the event and the very little I knew of my late uncle together with all the original War Office papers my late grandparents received. So there may be, just may be, more information connected to the North West that I don't know about.
Hopefully you'll find out more Brian. But either way, it'll be a great day out, north of Watford.:rolleyes::2fun:

I can't think of any relatives that may have anything there to consider, but if you come across anything regarding Burgess, of Salford, I may be interested.:2fun::2fun:..........I doubt it though, and not worth your valuable time.

Oh, the air is thinner oop North, so don't rush about.:2fun:

Good luck and good hunting my friend.O0

Well, it seems the IWM in Salford does not hold archives like the one in London - I tried to give them a copy of my file on the HMT Lancastria. However, the trip took me back 40 years as I visited the area when it was the docks and a company called Manchester Liners had their offices there. There is nothing that would ever indicate the docks being there let alone a container ship going down the canal.