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In search of a birth record for John Watson, born October 26th, 1882 in Glasgow, Scotland. Parents: John Watson and Margaret Wilson


United States
In search of a birth record for John Watson (no middle name) born Oct. 26th, 1882 in Glasgow, Scotland. Parents were Robert Watson and Margaret Wilson. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Hello and welcome to the Forum.

12x John Watson with no middle name showing in the index with reg date 1882 in Lanark and index from 1855 does not show parents.

Yes, the John Watson posted above that lived in Harrisburg, Illinois is my GG grandfather. I believe that info was posted by my father. We are trying to figure out what ever happened to him. He married Margaret McHenry in 1909 in Ohio. We believe he immigrated to the US in 1906, Margaret and her family came to the US before that. We know that Margaret McHenry and John Watson lived in Washington County, PA until around 1910 when they moved to Saline County, Il. John was a coal miner. We have census info for them from Saline County. They had four children: Robert, Frederic, James and Margaret. Around 1921, Margaret and children moved back to Pennsylvania. Margaret and children said John was dead and never explained. It was a sore subject for some unknown reason. We have never found any death record for John Watson or info explaining what ever happened. We do know that per his marriage certificate and WW1 draft application, he was born in Scotland on October 26, 1882 and listed his parents as Robert Watson and Margaret Wilson. We would like to know more about him, his parents and potential siblings. We are stumped.
I cannot find a marriage in Scotland in ScotlandsPeople 1860 - 1885 for a Robert Watson to a Wilson with a given name starting with Mar.

3x John Watson born abt 1882 in 1891 census in Lanark with parents Robert & Margaret plus one with his grand parents.

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Dave, thank you very much. How can I obtain the census docs you are referring to, especially the one that includes grandparents? I do have a Scotland’s People account, I want to make sure I purchase the correct ones.
644/3 100/ 15

That's one but no way of knowing if the right one.

One I've ruled out as the index didn't return what I entered.

Another has mother as Minnie so I'm not sure.

The one with grand parents seems to have mother as Mary.

I'm making assumptions along the way with what I can access.

Assuming born Lanark and that this "Scotland on October 26, 1882 and listed his parents as Robert Watson and Margaret Wilson." is correct.

Thank you very much for helping me. I feel like I have searched almost every online record in the world related to the name, “John Watson”. It doesn’t help much that he apparently had no middle and the name “Watson” is pretty common in Scotland.
I read the names and dates as stated.

Any idea of names of any of his siblings?

I can't be sure this is the family.

638/1 5/ 40

Some problem finding the above family in 1891. The matching family is not the one in post #7.

No birth for any John Watson in 1882 in matching Registration District. That would have helped.

There is one more possibility that makes things worse. His reg is one with a middle name that he never used.
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There are too many possible births to spend credits on every one but I would rule this one out if it has not been already.

644/13 459
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1891 England, Wales & Scotland Census
Springburn Road, Glasgow, Dennistoun, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Robert Watson c1851 Ireland labourer
Margaret Watson c1845 Ireland
William Watson c1875 Glasgow Locomotive Engineer
John Watson c1881Glasgow
Samuel Watson c1882 Glasgow
Margaret Watson c1890 Glasgow
We don’t have any sibling names. John Watson had four children - Robert, Frederick, James and Margaret. I tried incorporated those in my search to find records in Scotland. I had read that there was a naming pattern in Scottish families.
The info that Ellie7 posted is one I have never seen before. The census posted above (638) is one I have closely looked at. I believe the Margaret (mother) listed on that census was a Margaret “Stodhart” Watson. My dad has that linked to our tree on Ancestry, but I am thinking it may not be accurate.
Elllie7, thank you for looking into Margaret Watson née Wilson. My gosh, this mystery just gets deeper and deeper! I don’t even know where else to look! My father and his brother submitted DNA...one on Ancestry and the other 23&me. Perhaps that will help in some way.
It could be because the person notifying the death forgot her maiden name.I am wondering if John Watson forgot or new his Mother's
maiden name
Wondering what kind of official documents exist in Scotland that would have required a signature at age 18? Employment? Draft? Travel documents? Our John Watson seems to have a distinct left handed signature as you can see from the above docs.
He was still a minor and should have needed Parents permission to travel ,but that would not have been a written document.I thought it was the Americans that filled the documents in ,as some did not have a schooling at all.