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In search of a birth record for John Watson, born October 26th, 1882 in Glasgow, Scotland. Parents: John Watson and Margaret Wilson

We believe he did around 1906. I have gone through those so many times....many John Watsons. I can’t say for sure he came in at Ellis Island.

So, I came across a birth record of a John Watson born October 26, 1881 in Kilbernie, Scotland. Parents listed as.....Robert James Watson and Rose Ann Watson née McCourt. Robert and Rose Ann were born in Northern Ireland and married there. They moved to Bothwell Scotland afterwards and had children, one of which is a John Watson. I did some research on this “Rosey” Watson and found that Robert must have left her later on. Rosey has several Poor Law records on file. Of all the searching I have done, the birthdate is exactly one year earlier than what my John Watson has on his docs. But who is this Margaret Wilson he has listed as his mother???? The saga continues...........
Oh ! Kilbirnie that is Ayrshire, Glasgow is Lanarkshire and has many different regions of the City.I do feel the answer is in America
https://www.genuki.org.uk/ records .Have you his death record ,usually has parents on it. Rose Ann Watson died 1894 aged 45.Registered Blantyre
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We have searched and searched for a death record for John Watson and have found nothing. I do believe he died in America, but who knows where? I am beginning to think he was abducted by aliens. Lol! Thank you for the information on Rose Anne. ?