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industrial schools


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got my g g grandads marriage certificate and there is a line through father.connected with someone over the internet who has advised me that he was a foundling.details as follows;
james burke b.fulham 1854
he is listed on the 1861 census as a boarder in st george east civil parish east ham.industrial school. he is aged 6.looked at the original return but the top part is gone so cannot read the actual address of the school.been reading up on the industrial schools and there are a few things i dont get anyone any ideas.
from what i have read, they were single *** schools who trained children for apprenticeships if they were foundlings orphans ect.so i dont understand why on the census there are more adults than kidsThey all seem to be mixed *** of diffrent ages, which made me think is it a workhouse??.Although on the census some of the kids are listed as scholars.any thoughts on this would be much appreciated ,ps have looked at some webs sites but nothing specific comes up.another mystery is he eventually ended up in grimsby and married there. suexx
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