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Information on death certificate


Would a death certificate show 'suicide' for someone who took their own life? Would there have been an inquest and could it have been reported in a newspaper? Is there any way of gaining access to this information?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Yes it would show suicide as it would state it under cause of death and there would have to be an inquest but the details in the paper could vary tremendously but there is likely to be some reference to it. I'm not sure how you access the coroners record I'm afraid.
Hi Christine

Unfortunately coroners records survival is patchy.

However, you should be able to find an equally as detailed report in a local newspaper. I looked at a coroners report for an ancestor who committed suicde in Suffolk in 1894 after I found newspaper reports and 99% of what was said in the coroners report, I had already found out in newspapers so dont despair if coroners reports don't survive as newspaper reports are often just as, or even more informative.

Thanks for that advice it's really helpful. So even if I can't find out about the coroner's report I should be able to get something from a newspaper, that's great! :)

Any ideas how I go about accessing such information? ;)

Hi Christine

I checked The Times Digital Archives and The London Gazette and no articles. This would mean you will have to check the local area(s) of Croydon, Surrey newspapers for any mention of his death or inquest.
Checking on Google for any Surrey newspaper site.

I just found this site which may help you out, They have a newspaper section, perhaps email them.

This site may also help you later as Walter's mother was also born in Croydon, and father Thomas born in Norwood.

Do you need any census lookups, just yell out.:)

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Hi crankypants,

Thanks for trying to find out about the suicide. I shall have a look online to see what newpapers I can find and hopefully will come up with something.

Cheers for the offer of Census look ups but I am ok at the moment.


ps by the way love the name! :biggrin:
Have just had a quick look at the Lambeth Archive website. It is possible to go and view a number of newspapers but I would need to check that they have the year I am looking for before going! :)

By the way the Croydon history/geneology site looks really interesting so will definitely be back on there at some stage (in the meantime have saved it to my favourites).

Thanks again,
The cause of death must be noted in the death certificate. It must be entered inthe column provided for. Otherwise the certificate is void.