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Information on Death Certs


dovercourt but born Enfield
I have some problems with my Murray family from Liskeard.
So I am wondering just what information could be on death certs from 1844 would date of birth or age be recorded which would be enough for me to spend the £9 odd for the info.

Information is limited to what the informant knows, or who registered the death.

The age, where died and how they died. There could be more, or the information could be very basic.

Always worth buying, as you never know what you're going to get.:)

Got the certificate and its as much use as a chocolate teapot!!
Name Mary Peake, female,74 years, spinster, died of old age, Wm Murray informant of Church Street.
Same address as in 1841 census.
So still no further forward.
Left wondering as to why the birth of her son William Murray Peake she is shown as Elizabeth Peake but on the 1841 census and her death cert she is Mary!
Just cannot proceed any further back with this inconsistency.

If it says Spinster, then that isn't his mothers death cert. Could it be an Aunty.:confused:

1841 census, does not show relationships.;):)

Informant could be William Murray, senior or Junior.:eek:
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Elizabeth Peak is the mother of William Murray Peak, he appears to have dropped the Peak surname.
All this is conjecture, down to William Murray saying in several census saying he was born in Liskeard and the only birth for the given year 1793 is William Murray Peak.
A bit confusing I know but mothers Christian names don't quite gel.

Thinking more about Prisboy's comments that Mary Peak could have been an Auntie, I have done some more searching and have found another scenario.
An Elizabeth Peake was baptised 15 Aug 1760 to a Robert and Mary same parents as Mary Peak 23 June 1771.
I then did a search for a death of Elizabeth Peake and found one 16 Feb 1817, so she could be the mother of William Murray.
Still not to sure of why she is Peake and all the others are Peak.

This looks to be a good candidate!

I had a scenario, with 'my' William IVES. He was born to William Ives(reputed father) & Charlotte HOWSE in 1836. So he was illegitimate.

Charlotte HOWSE went on to marry in 1839, but not to his father.

In 1841 he was William HOWS, and from then on he was William IVES/HIVES.

Maybe that could be a scenario for your rellie.:confused:

Just a thought.;)