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Interesting picture of about 1881

near Boston Lincolnshire
Can any one help explain this picture found amongst old documents. It is thought it was taken about 1881 I am not even sure whether they are boys or girls. Are they wearing a uniform? if so has anyone any idea what sort of uniform or perhaps even school uniform this is Vics Uniform problem.jpg
I would doubt it's a school uniform as such, as it's staged with a 'studio' back drop. And usually, photo's of pupils would be in a group form.

Did the records this photo was found in, relate to any family history. ?

As for boy or girl, it's hard to guess.

Could these be Barnardo's children, which was established in 1866.

I think, but not sure, some children were photographed for potential adoptive/foster parents.

Thanks for your thoughts, I agree it is a typical staged Victorian picture. It was amongst a friend's grandfather's papers. And yes we are trying to fit these two children into his known tree but having problems as they do not seem to fit.
Is there any information on the back, as to what studio took the photo's.

If so, you could check where the photo's were taken, using the census for the photographers. That may give an approximate year, at least.

Just another thought, does your friend have any family from other parts of Europe?? The clothes don't look like anything from the UK. If it was taken here, could they have come from an ethnic community??