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Interesting stories you uncover

While researching my family i've come across 2 interesting stories and, talking too older members of my family, have a certain amount of truth to them.

One of my gr. grandfathers was playing cards with a group of men , one being the owner of the local hotel. It came down to just the 2 of them grandfather and, the hotel owner. The hotelier had no money left and, thinking he had a good hand gambled his hotel and lost. Grandad made arrangements with witnesses that where there to meet at the Lawyers next morning to get it signed over, only too find that the owner had hanged himself during the night, so lossing out. The hotel is still in the same family to this day.:'(

Another gr. grandfather was an RSM in the Army, while checking on the stables one night,found an officer whipping one of the horses. As he was brought up on a farm he stepped in and gave the officer a couple of thuds to the jaw. Court Martial and ,reduced to the ranks.

Anyone else found interesting little stories while researching there family.


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