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Internet network icon.


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Bottom left right of my screen, on the computer toolbar, is small Icon that looks like a puta screen, but it has a small yellow triangle with an exclamation mark.(!), on it.

If I hover over it with my mouse pointer, it declares 'No Access. Network 2'.

But, if I actually click the triangle, there is a link, that if I hover over that link, is says.....'Signal strength - Excellent'.:rolleyes:

If I click on that link, it comes up as - 'Connect Automatically'. Now that bit I get.:biggrin:

Someone or something is telling me porky pies, or are they.:confused:

Am I connected to Network 1, as Network 2 is now defunct.:confused:

Well I'm blowed, the triangle has just vanished after an hour, but it does come up mostly all the time, and remains there.

This puta is making me out a liar.:2fun:

Oh, and I'm using Win.7.

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