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Internet Problems


dovercourt but born Enfield
For some time now I have experienced problems with some web sites especially those with Genealogical content:2fun:
Those sites would giving errors that I couldn't fathom.
Yesterday I decided to investigate the problem to see if it was me (wifes says its always me (no change ther then)) :2fun:
SO as I had changed to using MS edge my first was to try Chrome browser which I had already loaded, surprise surprise all that I tried worked - so the Edge seems to be the problem.
I have now gone back to using MS IE11 - and all sites seem to be functioning.
FreeBMD is now has a working back arrow - before using the back arrow caused an error 'that page was here a moment ago' so annoying when looking for things from a list as I had to only use the 'revise query' button :mad:

I have a weird problem with this site, where if I try and write in this box I end up with lost of symbols instead as my curser doesn't seem to find the right place. Does that make sense and if linking on a forum title I have to go to the one below before the one I want lights up.

Must be me!

And submitting reply is somewhere in the blue additional options.
I use Opera and like the auto prompt for name and places to enter into forms.
It is only this site I have a problem with! But if my posts are littered with blue question marks you know why!
Having a play with OPERA - so far very nice and easy to use :cool: Once you get rid of all the glitz!(I prefer text much prefer the old bulletin boards - very fast on dial-up)


So far all running OK - So nice to have all links on a web page functioning!
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